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A brief look at a few popular Palm Sunday traditions celebrated in the Roman Rite. Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of preparation before the feast of Easter. In the Roman Rite, the celebration of Mass has particular traditions that make it look much different than a typical Sunday Mass A brief look at a few popular Palm Sunday traditions celebrated in the Roman Rite. Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of preparation before the. 1-An Arabic tradition is to hold candles decorated with flowers for Palm Sunday along with palm or olives branches. They also hold Kids on their shoulders and they prepare special cookies for the day called ka'ak el sha'nineh. 2-Greeks hold crosses woven from either palm branches or bay leaves on Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday traditions vary from country to country, just like other holiday traditions. I already talked about the palm leaves in church, and that tradition is popular worldwide. But other Palm Sunday customs are observed in various countries. In Finland, for example, the children dress up in costume as Easter witches Palm Sunday and Easter are beloved Christian traditions that don't have a fixed date. Instead, the times for each depend on the lunar calendar, yet Palm Sunday always occurs on the Sunday before Easter. To some, Palm Sunday may simply mean going to church, but these religious traditions have a deep-rooted, meaningful story to others On Palm Sunday, Greeks worldwide consume fish, even though it is still Sarakosti (40 days of Lent). Recipe Below. The Greek Orthodox Church on Palm Sunday allows the faithful to consume fish, oil, and wine but not dairy products, eggs, chicken and red meat. In Ancient times, on this Holy day, palms were given to people in the shape of the moon.

are traditionally served on Palm Sunday. In the Greek tradition, Lenten fast is broken with a fish dinner on Palm Sunday featuring bakaliaros or salt cod. In some parts of Italy, homemade fettuccini pasta topped with tomato sauce, bread crumbs and chopped nuts is the customary Palm Sunday dish Palm Sunday Traditions: The Netherlands Photo from leeuwenland Instagram The Netherlands celebrates Palmpasen not with palm fronds or pussy willow, but with bread in the shape of a rooster. The bread is impaled on the sharp tip of a wooden cross that is decorated with crepe paper and sweet treats Palm Sunday traditions Posted by Kasia on Apr 2, 2012 in Culture, Current News Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday ( niedziela palmowa ) is called also The Sunday of the Lord's Passion ( niedziela męki Pańskiej ), Willow Sunday ( niedziela wierzbowa ), Branch Sunday ( niedziela różdżkowa ) or April Sunday ( niedziela kwietna ) since. Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, in the Christian tradition, the first day of Holy Week and the Sunday before Easter, commemorating Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It is associated in many churches with the blessing and procession of palms (leaves of the date palm or twigs from locally available trees)

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  1. Many Christians are going to celebrate Palm Sunday as if it is a true biblical celebration.The fact is Palm Sunday is a Pagan Holiday buried in twisted scriptures .Jesus did not have his triumphal entry on Palm Sunday. John 12:1 -15 Then Jesus six days before the passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was whic
  2. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week for Catholics and other Christians. It takes place one week before Easter, which is the most important celebration on the Christian liturgical calendar.
  3. Palm Sunday Palm Sunday is the first Day of Holy Week. It is when Christians remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. It is called Palm Sunday because the people were so happy to see Jesus and knew that he was very important, so they took branches from the Palm and Olive Trees that lined the road
  4. On Palm Sunday, Christian worshipers celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, an event that took place the week before the Lord's death and resurrection. Palm Sunday is a moveable feast, meaning the date changes every year based on the liturgical calendar. Palm Sunday always falls one week before Easter Sunday
  5. The usual traditions of Palm Sunday states that in many churches, worshippers gather fresh Palm leaves as they are blessed and it is considered to be holy to have palm leaves in the house This tradition of Palm Sunday to collect fresh palm leaves is carried on in different parts of the globe in different manners
  6. For Christians around the world, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, which includes numerous activities and celebrations that precede Easter Sunday

According to traditions, Palm Sunday has been celebrated in Europe since the eighth century. But let's come back to Palm Sunday. Since the 8th century, this Christian festival is celebrated in Europe. In the morning, Christians go to church in churches, usually with palm branches A traditional food eaten on Palm Sunday are Pax Cakes. Their origin is unknown, but the tradition appears to be older than 1570 A.D. Pax Cakes were given by clergymen to their congregation with the words God and good neighborhood to promote peace and reconciliation between neighbors

Palm Sunday - The Tradition Palm Sunday is also known as Passion Sunday in recognition of the beginning of Holy Week and Jesus' final agonizing journey to His crucifixion. Falling on the sixth Sunday in Lent and the Sunday before Easter, Palm Sunday is celebrated in all major Christian churches—Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox On Palm Sunday, Greeks worldwide also consume fish, even though it is still Sarakosti (40 days of Lent). Today, the Greek Orthodox Church allows the faithful to consume fish, oil, and wine but not dairy products, eggs, chicken and red meat. In Ancient times, on Palm Sunday, palms were given to people in the shape of the moon, ships, donkeys. Palm Sunday: Catholic Customs & Traditions. Holy Week is the most important week of the Church's year and it begins with Palm Sunday. Discover the meaning behind the palms and how the Church marks Palm Sunday in this blog. All glory, laud, and honour to Christ, Redeemer, King, to whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring

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Palm Sunday Traditions in Styria. In many regions of Austria it is customary to bless bound 'bushes' of branches on Palm Sunday during a procession through the village or in front of the church. People hope that the blessed 'palm' branches will protect their homes and farms and help ensure a good harvest. Especially in Styria, the palm. On Sunday, 9th April churches across the world observe Palm Sunday. It's the last Sunday in Lent and is also known as Passion Sunday and palm branches are woven into crosses to distribute to congregations. Like Easter Sunday, there are many food traditions associated with this sacred day. One of the best known is the eating of Pax cakes The celebration was adopted by the Western Church in the eighth century, and at that time received the name Dominica in Palmis, or Palm Sunday. Today, many Christian churches observe Palm Sunday by distributing palm, olive, or willow branches to worshipers, who then carry the branches in a procession either inside or outside the church

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  1. March 27, 2015 6:52 PM EDT. O n Sunday, Christians all over the world will be carrying palms and other branches. That's because it's Palm Sunday, a celebration of the day Jesus entered.
  2. Palm Sunday — or is it Passion Sunday? — marks the beginning of Holy Week. What the disciples do is a gesture of enthronement in the tradition of the Davidic kingship, and it points to the.
  3. Six Ways to Weave Palms from Palm Sunday. Cross made out of palm fronds. After celebrating Palm Sunday, parishioners return home with several palms and are often unsure how to properly display or otherwise hold onto them. Because these palms are sacramentals, they cannot be thrown away. They must either be burned or buried to be disposed of.
  4. Palm Sunday is a celebration of the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem and was greeted by his followers. It occurs on the Sunday before Easter and signifies the beginning of the last week of the Lenten season. You can celebrate Palm Sunday by attending a church service or taking part in other traditions to observe the holy day
  5. Palm Sunday is an important celebration in the Christian calendar. It is a movable feast that is always held on the Sunday prior to Easter. The event marks Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem shortly before his trial and crucifixion. The day is usually associated with worshippers carrying blessed palm leaves or a substitute
  6. After the celebration of Palm Sunday in the Catholic Church and other Western churches, we'll turn around in a couple of weeks and gather more palms so they're fresh for the Orthodox, he.
  7. Pūpolsvētdiena (Palm Sunday, while it is more commonly known as Pussy Willow Sunday in the northern part of Europe) marks the beginning of the Holy Week. Apaļš kā pūpols The most widely known tradition on this day is whipping every household member with twigs of a pussy willow while they are still in bed

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Palm Sunday Traditions, Customs and Activities The main liturgical ceremonies of the day are: the blessing of the palms, the procession of the entrance of Jesus in Nazareth, the daily Mass, and the singing of the Passion during Mass. Palm branches are commonly symbols of joy and victory over enemies, and in Christianity they are signs of. Due to the executive order issued by the Governor of Vermont to stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis, the staff of Edmundite Campus Ministry at.. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter and begins Passion Week. It is the day that Christians celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event recorded in Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19. On that day, as Jesus and His disciples travelled toward Jerusalem, Jesus sent two disciples ahead to locate a donkey

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The Holy Week officially begins one week before Easter on Palm Sunday and continues throughout the week with Holy Thursday and Good Friday until the big celebration on Easter Sunday officially marks the end of the 40-day period of Lent. What Happens During Semana Santa? Throughout Latin America, Semana Santa spurs masses, religious observations. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesPalm Sunday Celebration · Mary Rice HopkinsSing Through The Year℗ 2006 Big Steps 4 UReleased on: 2004-01-01Auto.. Passiontide: Passion Sunday, Palm Sunday, Holy Week. Passiontide ( Passionalia) is the historic name for the last two weeks of Lent. From ancient times these two weeks were called The Great Week (Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα) and Passion Week. It was not only the last week as Holy Week, but the fourteen days from Passion Sunday. Palm Sunday Celebration Children's Message | by Terry Taylor Terry writes, I like to emphasize the celebratory atmosphere regarding Jesus riding into Jerusalem, and then on Good Friday remind the children of how the people had all been excited about Jesus just a few days before and now they wanted to crucify him Traditions Palm Sunday - A Celebration of Counter-Hegemony (Raj Bharat Patta) The occasion of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem before facing cross and crucifixion, observed by Christians as Palm Sunday, is a pivotal event in the Gospels. It is important to know how the passage containing this Palm Sunday story in the Bible is titled.

During this week, final preparations are made for the big celebration. On Palm Sunday, people who attend mass in church return home with blessed willow branches and hang them on icons in the house. The feast of the Meeting of the Lord. The Flower's Sunday or the Palm Sunday in the orthodox tradition. It should be noted that, in the Romanian tradition, spring holidays (and the beginning of the summer) are much more numerous and spectacular. This is because, in our view, for a long time, the celebration of the New Year by agrarian peoples.

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Study lesson #1 Palm Sunday; Palm Sunday Means, 'Hosanna to the Son of David!' / 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!' Some 450 to 500 years prio... r to Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem, the prophet Zechariah had prophesied the event we now call Palm Sunday: And it will be on April 9th -17 this year, Rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion Palm Sunday around the world - in pictures. Christians around the world gather to commemorate Jesus Christ's triumphant arrival in Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week Palm Sunday marks the transition from Lent into Holy Week. Lent, the season that helps prepare us for the celebration of Easter, commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert.Lent begins with ashes and the phrase remember man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return Ides of April 2020- 5th April of Palm Sunday 2020. Every Year, In the United States 5th April is the Official Celebration Day which name is Palm Sunday 2020. This Holiday is a very popular and Special Interest Celebration Day in Unites States. On this day, Every Peoples want is searching to know the Happy Palm Sunday History, Quotes and more The Palm Sunday Handcraft Market (Tianguis de Domingo de Ramos), held in Uruapan, is the largest event in the Mexican state of Michoacán dedicated to the sale of the state's traditional handcrafts and is reputed to be the largest of its kind in Latin America. The event draws over 1,300 artisans who offer over a million pieces for sale, which represent all of the state's major handcraft.

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Decorated pisanki and other products on display in Krakow's Easter Market. On Saturday, April 8 in Krakow, Poland. palm sunday - palm sunday in poland stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Photojournalis wears a protective face mask due to the spread of coronavirus. Krakow, Poland on April 5th, 2020 Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic The tradition of celebrating Palm Sunday as a triumphal entry should cease. It needs to be replaced with protest marches against the abuse of power and injustice in all its forms. It is the. And while Palm Sunday's food traditions hardly make it a big food holiday (other than the modern Palm Sunday brunch), there are a few foods to represent the holiday. After all, even the non-food-focused holidays in the Christian religion have some food traditions

Palm Sunday is a celebration that occurs on the sixth and final Sunday of the Lenten season, and the week before Easter Sunday. This special day is also known as Passion Sunday in some traditions. The feast commemorates the jubilant celebration of Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem in the days prior to his arrest, trial, and execution as reported. What We Should Learn from Palm Sunday. Each year on this day religious men filled with zeal, yet not according to knowledge, carry statues of Jesus on a donkey through towns in parades with palm leaves reenacting the events of Matthew 21. What is often called the triumphal entry of Jesus was hardly a pattern for us to repeat In many countries, believers create crosses from palm fronds as a celebration of the festival Credit: Getty - Contributor How is Palm Sunday celebrated? Palm Sunday is celebrated differently throughout the Christian world. In the UK during Palm Sunday Mass, palms are distributed to parishioners Palm Sunday in old Ireland. by Bridget Haggerty. Irish speakers once referred to Palm Sunday as Domhnach an Iúir - Yew Sunday. That's because the palm was most often a sprig from the yew tree or some other conifer such as a silver fir, spruce or cypress. In County Fermanagh, early on every Palm Sunday morning, a Protestant cut down sprigs of.

Palm Sunday is a moveable holiday meaning it's date changes each year based on Lent and the spring equinox. Many churches celebrate Palm Sunday with the waving of palm branches, singing. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter and begins Holy Week, also known as Passion Week. It is the day that Christians celebrate the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, an event recorded in Matthew. As we prepare for Palm Sunday, our family enjoys a lenten tradition that has been handed down through the ages. Baking Lenten Pretzels. Here we find another fun tradition of our faith, just like Easter eggs or hot cross buns. The pretzel indeed has its origins as an official food of Lent. The Vatican library actually has a manuscript. Pope Benedict 16th, Palm Sunday, Rome. Easter in Rome - crowded, noisy, busy. And emotional, moving, buzzy. Everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. This page covers traditions in Rome between Palm Sunday and Holy (Maundy) Thursday : what's going on, where the Pope will be, how to get to see him, and whether it's worth.

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Italian Easter Traditions. In Italy, preparations for the Easter (Pasqua) celebration begins the week before, on Palm Sunday. The week between Palm Sunday and Easter, known as Holy Week, is a solemn time of reflection and special church services. This week is also the time to start preparations for the Easter meal The early Palm Sunday ceremony consisted of prayers, hymns, and sermons recited by the clergy while the people walked to various holy sites throughout the city. In some churches you will see the tradition of the Lenten Array vesture in the church which is from the British Isles and Northern Europe

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  1. Palm Sunday invites us to pass from anguish to hope, from fear to self-sacrifice. This, step by step we advance towards the truth of Easter. In these trying days, we become aware, sorrowfully, of.
  2. This Palm Sunday, the CBCP gave two options for churches:. A. For the blessing of Palms, the faithful who will be following the celebration on TV can hold their palm branches (or any available branch of leaves) while the prayer of blessing of Palms is prayed by the Presider
  3. 3. From Jerusalem this celebration of Palm Sunday spread to Egypt, then to Syria and Asia Minor. By the fifth century the feast was celebrated in Constantinople, where the Emperor and his household used to take part in a solemn procession on Palm Sunday. There, besides palms, the faithful were given olive and lilac branches

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Armenian Traditions and Celebrations: Dzaghgazart (Palm Sunday) March 24, 2013 Tamar Najarian Leave a comment Dzaghgazart, with the literal translation to English being decorated with flowers, is celebrated by Armenians around the world who follow the Christian Faith The original Palm Sunday celebration was filled with shouts of praise based on the world's idea of victory and the belief that King Jesus would defeat the Roman Empire. Today we know better and celebrate the steadfastness and humility of Jesus to establish success in this life over sin and temptation JERUSALEM - On Sunday, March 25, 2018, Palm Sunday, many Christians from Jerusalem and the whole world gathered to celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, first with the celebration of a Pontifical Mass at the Holy Sepulcher, then with the traditional procession of the Palm fronds, from Bethphagé to the Church of St. Anne Palm Sunday started around the fourth century in the Jerusalem Church. In its early celebration, Christians sang hymns and recited prayers and sermons as they walked through several holy sites in the city. When they reached the place where Jesus ascended to heaven, the clergy would recite gospels pertaining to Jesus' entry into Jerusalem PALM Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter, marking the start of Holy Week. Many churches of Christian denominations, including the Orthodox, Catholic, Luthe

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Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover before his death as recounted in the Gospels: The very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and strewed them on the road. The crowds preceding him and those following kept crying. Palm Sunday is a Christian holy day that marks the beginning of Holy Week and commemorates Jesus' entry into the city of Jerusalem. In 2014, Palm Sunday will be celebrated on April 13. Although Jesus' entry into Jerusalem is recounted in all four canonical gospels, the traditions of Palm Sunday are largely based on the description from the. Palm Bouquets are Good Luck charms. A 10th century German Easter tradition made with decorated twigs, herbs and flowers, carried in Palm Sunday processions and blessed in church, then kept for luck or decoration until next Ash Wednesday or added to Easter Sunday Fires. Their story an Thus the Sunday received the name Palm Sunday (first coined around 600 in Spain and Gallia), although no procession was taking place yet. Dramatic-liturgical imitations of the events of the entrance only started in the 8th century. Palms got substituted by other green branches, if needed and the Middle Ages saw more expansions of these customs.

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Week of Hope: Palm Sunday celebration is back. Today many in our community will be celebrating Palm Sunday, a day that serves as the start to Holy Week culminating on Easter, which this year falls on April 4. The week serves as the beginning of the sacrifice and the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith Palm Sunday. February 3, 2018 /. in Holy Week, Jesus Who. / by WAJ. In Christian churches all over the world, the Sunday before Easter is celebrated as Palm Sunday. There are processions and parades; choirs of children and adults singing hosannas and hymnsand there are palms. Churchgoers walk on them, children wave them, and altars wear them Palm Sunday is the celebration of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, one week before His resurrection (Matthew 21:1-11). It is so-named because of the events which unfolded that day and serves to mark the beginning of Passion Week, a commemoration of the last seven days of Jesus' ministry on earth Palm Sunday, which is properly called Passion Sunday, is celebrated the Sunday before Easter. This year it falls on April 5. The reason it is called Passion Sunday becomes evident as the tone of the Mass radically changes with the reading of Christ's passion and death as the Gospel for the day Polish Easter Celebrations and Traditions. Barbara Rolek is a former chef, culinary instructor, professional food writer, and restaurant critic writing for publications in Chicago and New York. Ask any Pole, and they will tell you the Easter season was the worst of times and the best of times for a child who was expected to fast as strictly as.

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Easter Palm Sunday marks an important part in the church calendar. This beautiful service called Palm Sunday is one week prior to Easter. It is an incredible tradition, but why do Christians. The Passion is read by anticipation on Palm Sunday. Although that day begins joyfully with the ceremony of the palms, it ends with a character of sacred gloom, as the liturgist Dom Prosper Guérenger, O.S.B., puts it in his The Liturgical Year (), p. 200:. The third part of to-day's service [for Palm Sunday] is the offering of the holy Sacrifice

SUNDAY, APRIL 13: Western and Eastern Palm Sunday—In Western Christian tradition, Lent continues into Holy Week and Palm Sunday marks the ironic celebration of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem days before his crucifixion; but in Eastern tradition, Great Lent is over and Holy Week begins with the Great Feast of the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem The Palm Sunday palms symbolise Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and converting them into ash is a reminder that defeat and crucifixion followed soon after. The ashing is a mark of penitence, and using the palms is also a reminder that the same people who cried Hosanna were before long baying Crucify

On Palm Sunday, Christians celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem to great fanfare and celebration. But for CBS News, Palm Sunday is an occasion to throw wild, tabloidish allegations at the Catholic Church. Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley began the program saying: Today is Palm Sunday, the start of Christianity's Holy Week The use of palm branches was an old tradition of honoring war heroes. Later, the palm branch became a symbol of peace. John 12:12-14 recorded a description of Palm Sunday The Inside Story on Where All of Those Palm Sunday Palms Come From. In the U.S. alone, nearly 18,000 Catholic parishes will celebrate Palm Sunday by blessing and distributing palm branches to the faithful. That makes millions of palm leaves each year - and that doesn't include all of the Protestant churches that observe the tradition Browse 13,845 palm sunday stock photos and images available or search for easter or easter sunday to find more great stock photos and pictures. wooden cross on palm leafs palm sunday - palm sunday stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. crown of thorns and palm branch - palm sunday stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images A Palm Sunday video is a great way to prepare for your church's celebration of Palm Sunday.Today, Palm Sunday traditions are much the same as they have been since the tenth century. The ceremony begins with the blessing of the palms

Palm Sunday for the year 2022 is celebrated/ observed on Sunday, April 10th.. Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter Sunday and the start of Holy Week for Christians is a feast day commemorating Jesus's entry into Jerusalem on a Donkey (symbolizing peace versus a horse which symbolized war) HISTORY OF PALM SUNDAY. The week we now call Holy Week or Passion Week started with Palm Sunday. Why was this week so important that three of the gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) devote a full third of their contents to reporting this week, and The Fourth Gospel (John) dedicates its entire last half?. Jerusalem, which had a normal population of about 50,000 at the time of Jesus, had at. Hello Friends, here we are trying to update all kinds on information of Palm Sunday Celebration Idea, Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Text, SMS, Images, Wallpaper, History, Sayings, Facts and more info Available in this Article. If you have any question of Palm Sunday 2020. Just read the full article step by step

Jesus With Palm Branches On Sunday Palm. Green Palm Leafs Vector Icon. Palm Sunday Text Handwritten Font. Religion Holiday Palm Sunday Before Easter, Celebration Of The Entrance Of Jesus Into Jerusalem, Happy People With Palmtree Leaves Vector Illustration, Man Rides Donkey, Family Greetings Christ There are many traditions that take place on Palm Sunday but one of the most common is for individuals to give out or receive small crosses made from palm leaves, as a reminder of Jesus' entrance. What is Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday is the first day of the Holy week. Its the holiday for celebrating Jesus entry the holy town of Jerusalem. As he entered, riding on a donkey, people spread palm leaves and olive branches in front of him on the ground. Many churches decorate with palm leaves on this day, sometimes shaped as a cross Kano, Nigeria. In the mainly Christian Sabon Gari neighbourhood, a Nigerian man prays on Palm Sunday in the yard of the St Charles Catholic church, scene of a 2014 bomb attack blamed on Boko Haram.