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Describe the distributions of the largest ethnic religions Hinduism is clustered primarily in India. Other ethnic religions with the largest numbers of followers are clustered elsewhere is Asia. Why do religions have different distributions Hinduism is an polytheistic, ethnic religion, mainly concentrated in India. Hinduism is also present in Nepal and Bangladesh. It has an unknown origin, however elements are thought to have developed in the Indus Valley (Rubenstein 199). Click to see full answer

In religious studies, an ethnic religion is a religion or belief associated with a particular ethnic group. Ethnic religions are often distinguished from universal religions, such as Christianity or Islam, which are not limited in ethnic, national or racial scope The five largest religious groups by world population, estimated to account for 5.8 billion people and 84% of the population, are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism (with the relative numbers for Buddhism and Hinduism dependent on the extent of syncretism) and traditional folk religion The government of China also accepted, the Muslims in the region as Chinese and endorsed Islam as a religion constituting of many separate ethnic groups. The Han Chinese, 91.6% This ethnic group is the largest community not only in China but also in the whole world A. Both universalizing and ethnic religions. A) appeal primarily to one group of people living in one place. B) can diffuse to different populations around the world. C) attempt to be global and appeal to all people. D) can be expressed as Christianity and Islam. E) arose from changes in the physical environment

The nation's population is growing more racially and ethnically diverse - and so are many of its religious groups, both at the congregational level and among broader Christian traditions.But a new analysis of data from the 2014 Religious Landscape Study also finds that these levels of diversity vary widely within U.S. religious groups.. We looked at 30 groups - including Protestant. In the United States, Christians will decline from more than three-quarters of the population in 2010 to two-thirds in 2050, and Judaism will no longer be the largest non-Christian religion. Muslims will be more numerous in the U.S. than people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion

The Chhetri are considered the largest ethnic community in Nepal, comprising 16.6% of the population according to the 2011 census. Chhetri belongs to the Indo-Arya which is part of the Kshatriya varna, and speak mainly Nepali. The majority of the Chhetri (99%) belong to the Hindu religious group while the remaining minority is Buddhists Hinduism is the largest ethnic religion and the world's third largest religion with about 1 billion adherents. Hinduism existed before recorded history and had no specific founder. The origins of Hinduism in India are unclear; however, the oldest manuscripts date to 1500 BCE Ethnic religion. In the study of human geography, an ethnic religion is one that appeals primarily to a specific group of people from a specific place, compared to a universalizing religion which attempts to appeal to a wide number of people throughout the world. Some ethnic religions have different denominations, but most don't Ethnic religions generally do not have founder and do not diffuse very far. Ethnic calendars and holy days are tied to seasons and lunar cycle. Hinduism Hinduism is the largest ethnic religion, concentrated in its hearth of India. Its collection of holy writings are the Vedas. Its polytheistic & teaches reincarnation based on karma Ireland - Ireland - Ethnic groups, language, and religion: Ethnic and racial minorities make up about 12 percent of the population of Ireland—a proportion that doubled in the first decade of the 21st century. Immigration from the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia has been significant since the last two decades of the 20th century. The key factors in increased immigration have been the more.

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Country ethnic and/or religious diversity Antigua and Barbuda Bangladesh Belize Botswana Brazil Blacks are the largest ethnic group (about 87%), with mixed following at 4.7%. Religions: Mostly Protestant at 68%, the most Protestants being Anglican (18%). Roman Catholic follows at about 8%. Islam is the main religion practiced in Bangladesh and accounts for 88% of the total people The largest of the major ethnic groups, Hausa and Fulani have been politically dominant since Nigeria's independence from Britain in 1960. This blend and acceptance of religion survives in.

(FB) What is the world's largest ethnic religion? _____ In what country do 97% of the adherents of this religion live? _____ What country had the largest Jewish population in 1910? What about in 2012? What would account for this migration of the Jewish population? Define the term hierarchical religion and give an example of a hierarchical religion Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life • Mapping the Global Muslim Population, October 2009. The bulk of the world's Muslim population - more than six-in-ten (62%) - is located in Asia, a region that, for the purposes of this report, includes not only East Asian countries such as China but also countries as far west as Turkey This is the largest ethnic group in SW Asia. What is Arab? 100. This is the only nation in the world that has Judaism as its largest religion. What is a Israel? 200. This language is spoken by Kurds. What is Kurdish? 200. Founder of the largest religion in the world today. Who is Jesus? 200 The answer is no because Hinduism is an Ethnic Religion. Hinduism - The Largest Ethnic Religion. We can define ethnic religions as religions that focuses on groups of people living in a certain place. Most ethnic religions are thousands of years old, but with unclear origins. They are mostly sects or parts of indigenous religions

This lesson explores the three largest ethnic groups in contemporary Iraq: Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmens. We'll talk about some of their similarities and differences in religion, language, and culture Madagascar - Madagascar - Ethnic groups: More than nine-tenths of the population is Malagasy, which is divided into about 20 ethnic groups. The largest and most dominant of the groups is the Merina people, who are scattered throughout the island. The name Merina (Imerina) is said to mean Elevated People, deriving from the fact that they lived on the plateau

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Christianity, I believe.Answer 2:The Japanese Association of Shinto Shrines (Jinja Honcho) is the world's largest ethnic religion, with nearly 70% of Japanese citizens as members. For additional. Christianity. Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It is practised by around 2.38 billion people all around the globe. Its faith is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians believe in the existence of one God who has sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save humanity The world's largest ethnic group is Han Chinese, with Mandarin being the world's most spoken language in terms of native speakers. The world's population is predominantly urban and suburban, and there has been significant migration toward cities and urban centres The Ashanti religion is a mixture of spiritual and supernatural powers. They believe that plants, animals, and trees have souls. They also believe in fairies, witches, and forest monsters. There are a variety of religious beliefs involving ancestors, higher gods (abosom) and Nyame, the Supreme Being of Ashanti

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What is the largest ethnic religion and where is it found? Name 4 other ethnic religions and the countries they are found in? What is the difference between monotheism and polytheism? What is Animism and where is it practiced? Why has there been a decline in animism today The Christian religion is a religion practiced widely throughout the world in North and South America, in Africa, Europe, Australia and Oceania. However would we consider a Christian person from Venezuela the same ethnic group as a Christian person from Fiji? Many people practice the religion of Isla Between 25 and 35 million Kurds inhabit a mountainous region straddling the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia. They make up the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East, but.

Islam is the world's second-largest religion with statistics citing between 1.3 billion and 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Originating in the Middle East in the seventh century, it continues as the dominant religion in this region. Most Muslims are either Sunni or Shia, with a small percentage of Sufi Muslims as well The largest ethnic group in the county is Hispanics, or Latinos, who make up 48 percent of the total. About 80 percent of Latinos are of Mexican origin, followed by Salvadorans and Guatemalans. The next largest groups are Asians (13 percent) and Blacks (8 percent) There are a small number of Yezidis in Syria, ethnic Kurds who practice a 4,000 year old religion (see Iraq). Their numbers have declined over the years largely due to assimilation into Islam. One community is in Jabal Sim'an and the Afrin valley in north-west Syria, and dates back at least to the twelfth century

Three Ethnic Groups of Southwest Asia Arabs Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the Middle East, living throughout North Africa and Southwest Asia. They speak Arabic, a language which originated in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Today 17 countries in the Middle East are occupied with over 160 million Arabs The largest ethnic group, the Sukuma, represents nearly 13% of the total population; the remaining large groups represent under 5% each. their traditional religion even though they have been in contact with Muslim traders for hundreds of years. Their religion centers around the veneration of their ancestors, which ties in with their family. Religion has helped shape both their economic and cultural life in the region. Italians. Since the 1880s, Italians have been flocking to Boston, settling in both the city and surrounding communities. They were one of the largest ethnic groups of the second wave migration. Portuguese Worldwide, there are over 16 million members (April 2018) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, as they are commonly known, about the same as the number of Jews.. In the United States, the LDS Church is the 4th largest individual denomination with over 5.5 million members, a population about equal to the number of Muslims female: 77.83 years (2004 est.) Ethnic Groups. The overwhelmingly largest ethnic group in Mexico is the Mestizos who are of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. They control most of the money and the power. The next largest group is the indigenous population who largely retain their sense of distinct identity

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As the largest ethnic group in both China and world wide, Han nationality has a population of about 1.16 billion accounting for 19% of the world's total population. Over 99% of them live in China while others live abroad in other countries like Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, North America and many countries in Europe such as the. Arabs are the largest ethnic group the Middle East, living throughout North Africa and Southwest Asia. They speak Arabic, a language which originated in the desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Most Arabic people are Muslim, with Christians and Jews being the minority. The Islamic religion is followed by 95% of Arab people The ONS' previous work and feedback from engagement with stakeholders has shown there is a user need for up-to-date population estimates by both ethnic group and religion. For ethnic group, the Race Disparity Unit have a requirement for more up-to-date and regular estimates at the LA and UA level

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The Ethnic Transformation of the U.S. Catholic Church. For most of the past 25 years, American Catholics have been overwhelmingly white. In 1991, more than eight in ten (87%) U.S. Catholics were white, non-Hispanic. 16 Today, 55% of Catholics identify as white, non-Hispanic, and more than one-third (36%) are Hispanic List of the largest ethnic group in each African Country. An ethnic group is a category of people who belonging to or deriving from the cultural, religious, or linguistic traditions of a people or country. People who identify with each other based on similarities, such as common ancestral, language. Tapping Ethnic/Religious Markets. There are many ways that sheep producers can tap the ethnic/religious markets for lamb. Producers may direct market their lambs to ethnic customers, take their lambs to local or regional livestock auctions prior to holidays, sell to middlemen who supply the ethnic/religious trade (s), and/or work cooperatively. What the largest study of diversity findings from a survey conducted by Survation of more than 11,000 adults that asked a series of questions concerning ethnic, national and religious.

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The Igbo Religion in Nigeria's Largest Ethnic Group. The Igbo are one of Nigeria's largest ethnic groups. They are mainly found in the area of southeastern Nigeria and have a population of around 20 to 50 million people. It was created when. The Igbo's religion Odinani is a vehicle, used by all of the people who practice it, to help. Islam is the predominant religion among Somalis. Therefore, they borrow a lot of their social norms from Islam. Men and women do not touch while greeting each other. In Somali culture, the right hand is seen as the clean and polite hand. Left-handedness is a taboo among these ethnic groups. The Largest Ethnic Groups In Ethiopia 201 London is now home to more than 8.6 million people, the highest the city's population has been since 1939.. What's more, 44% of London now consists of black and ethnic minorities, compared to.

Roman Catholics were the largest Christian religious group in 2011. Almost 12,728,900 people identified themselves as Roman Catholic, representing 38.7% of Canada's population as a whole. The second largest Christian group were those affiliated with the United Church, with just under 2,007,600 people, or 6.1% of the total population Xinjiang's 13 major ethnic groups have been involved in constant migration due to great changes in the natural environment. These population movements have caused religious and cultural.

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Religious and ethnic divisions rank highest in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India. In Malaysia, Muslims (35%) are more concerned than Buddhists (22%) about religious and ethnic hatred. In Japan, which remains to this day the only population to experience a nuclear attack, 49% say the spread of nuclear weapons is the world's greatest. The largest gap, at 10 percentage points, is among Buddhists. However, this difference is driven predominantly by the reports of Buddhists in only a few countries, most notably Vietnam and South Korea. In Japan and Cambodia, for example, it is less religious Buddhists who report more community intolerance Today, Africa is laced with some of the most obstinate conflicts, most of them constructed from differences in religious and ethnic identities. Religious and ethnic nationalism has led to conflicts about control of state power, unequal allocation of resources, citizenship issues, state collapse, economic decline and ethno-religious clashes Ethnic/Religious Groups. There aren't many ethnic groups in Egypt, actually, 99.6% are Egyptian, the other .4% are unregistered in egypt. The religions are 90% Sunni Muslims and 10% Christianity. The dominant language of Egypt is Egyptian Arabic at about 68% Inmate Ethnicity. Statistics based on prior month's data -- Retrieving Inmate Statistics. About Us. About Our Agency; About Our Facilities; Historical Informatio

Superimposed on its linguistic diversity is religious regionalism: the north is a Muslim zone, whereas Christianity prevails in the south along with local traditional religions. Ethnic groups in the north and south see religion as the focal point of differences that go much deeper than that The people there practice a variety of religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and traditional religions specific to their ethnic group. The largest ethnic group in Sub.

The 2011 Census question on religion is voluntary and measures religious affiliation, that is, how people identify with a religion irrespective of practice or belief. There may be factors, including changing social and political attitudes, which affect how people view their ethnic and religious identity 4. Scotland and Northern Ireland. 5. Combining data. 6. 2001 Census. 1. List of ethnic groups. If you're in a government service team, there's a design pattern for asking users for their ethnic group . In England and Wales, there are 18 ethnic groups recommended for use by the government when asking for someone's ethnicity India is characterized by more ethnic and religious groups than most other countries of the world. Aside from the much noted 2000-odd castes, there are eight major religions, 15-odd languages spoken in various dialects in 22 states and nine union territories, and a substantial number of tribes and sects Tribe Versus Ethnic Group. During the colonial period, tribe was used to identify specific cultural and political groups in much the same way as nation is defined above. Tribes had relatively little power outside their own group during the colonial period. Furthermore, for generations, Africans were taught the Western notion of the tribe as.

The biggest ethnic/religious group in Syria are the Sunni Muslim Arabs, making up around 70% of the country's population. Sunni Islam is most popular sect of Islam in the world, and is being supported and spread mostly by Saudi Arabian efforts The Luo are the second largest ethnic group in Kenya and they live for the most part on the shores of Lake Victoria. The Luo migrated from the Nile region of the Sudan around the 15th century The Tajiks (Tadzhiks), are the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They live in the valleys north of Kabul and in Badakhshan. They are farmers, artisans, and merchants. The Tajiks speak Dari (Dari is the original language prior to Farsi then later the name was changed to Persian by the Iranians), also an Indo-European language and the. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has compiled a report on Indonesia's ethnic groups, native languages and religions in the 2010 census. These are the six largest ethnic groups that makes up more than two third of 237 million of the country's total population. 1. Javanese

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  1. ority, 1,141,821 as of 2000. Newark elected its first black mayor, Kenneth Gibson, in 1970, three years after the city was torn by racial disorders that killed 26 people and injured some 1,500 others. The estimated Hispanic and Latino population in 2000 was 1,117,191 (up from.
  2. ority in European countries.In.
  3. g Joshua Project's data for all people groups who live in each country.The number of individuals who practice each religion, by people group, are summed. This number is divided by the country's total population to derive the religion's percentage
  4. Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate? A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People in the same ethnic group follow the same religion
  5. The country's largest group is shown in yellow, signifying ethnic Arabs who follow Sunni Islam, the largest sect of Islam. Shades of brown indicate ethnic Kurds, long oppressed in Syria, who have.
  6. Because of these ideals, Baha'is come from a wide variety of social and ethnic backgrounds. Here's another version of the second largest religion at the county level, found on the Washington Post

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A list of the largest ethnic groups would include the Turks, Arabs, Greeks, Slovenians, Serbs, Albanians, Croatians, Armenians, Kurds. As you read more, you'll get a feel for the fact that. largest Hispanic/Latino population according to the Census Bureau) NY - CA - IL - TX - AZ - NJ - CO - GA - FL - NM. Overview (Demographics): This ethnic group includes any person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. According to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau population. AFRICAN ETHNIC GROUPS AND THEIR RELIGIONS, CUSTOMS, AND TRADITIONS Africa is made up of 54 different countries and many ethnic groups. A group's customs and traditions often come from religion, from where the group lives, or from the demands of daily life. For example, nomadic Bedouin tribe must have customs tha

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November 9, 2018. ecer. The Hellenic Ethnic Religion, at the invitation of the world-renowned religious institution Parliament of the World's Religions, represented Greece and its long spiritual tradition at this year's Toronto Canadian event (November 1-7, 2018, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre) Asian Countries: Region of Great Historical, Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Asia is the biggest continent both by size and population and is the home to a huge diversity of culture and ethnicity. The continent is divided into six parts: North Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia We have known for some time that America is in the midst of a religious, ethnic and cultural sea change, The unaffiliated were the second-largest religion grouping nationally, with 22. 10. Second War of Kappel This religious war was also a result of religious conflicts between Catholic cantons and Protestants. Second War Of Keppel was fought in 1531 in the land of Switzerland and when the fight was over, the victory was declared on the Catholic side and it was a rough estimate at that time that 7,000 Protestants and 2,000 Catholics fought this war and in the end, more than.

Ethnic Relations. After the 1970s, ethnic tension between Chamorros and Filipinos became pronounced. Today, there is tension between a growing population of islanders from the Federated States of Micronesia and various indigenous groups. These tensions are exhibited more in the form of racial jokes than in violent acts The single largest religious group in the United States is the Roman Catholic Church, which had 67 million members in 2005. The Southern Baptist Convention, with 16 million members, was the largest of the Protestant denominations. The United Methodist Church was the second-largest Protestant denomination with 8 million members Karin Dreyer/Blend Images/Getty Images. The main religions in Africa include Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and traditional African religion. Traditional African religion encompasses all the religious beliefs of the indigenous African people. Most of Africa's organized religions were brought to the country from Europeans and other. The racial and ethnic makeup of the American people is in flux. New immigrants from Asia and Latin America have added a large measure of cultural and phenotypic diversity to the American population in recent decades, just as waves of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe did a century ago (Bean and Stevens 2003; Higham 1988; Lieberson and Waters 1988: Ch. 2; Thompson and Whelpton 1933.

Religion One or more religions are also associated with any ethnic identifier. Religion is one primary ethnic characteristic that may be so strong as to determine a definitive boundary within a group of otherwise identical persons, thus constituting a sufficient reason for a separate ethnic entry in a listing What group is Southwest Asia is both an ethnic and religious group? Definition. Judaism: Term. Name the 3 prominent religions in the Middle East? What is the largest ethnic group in Southwest Asia? Definition. Arab: Term. _____ is the ethnic group which lives in the mountains of Turkey,Iraq,Iran and Syria. Definition. Kurds The Luba people also known as Baluba are a cluster of powerful ancient grassland and forest-dwelling hunters, kingdom-builders, highly spiritual cum agriculturalist Bantu-speaking peoples of Central Africa, and the largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Universalizing religion. In the study of human geography, a universalizing religion is a religion that attempts to operate on a global scale and to appeal to all people wherever they reside, compared to an ethnic religion which primarily attracts one group of people living in one place. Most universalizing religions are divided into branches. The largest demographic entity in the metropolitan area is Hispanic at 43.2%. Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario boasts the 5th largest Mexican population in America. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the United States at over 20,000 square miles

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Religion. Russia is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith nation. Orthodox Christianity is Russia's largest religion with 75% of the population belonging to the Orthodox Christian denomination. Islam is professed by 5% of the population. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Buddhism are professed by 1% of the population each People of different ages, ethnic/racial groups, religious beliefs, personal backgrounds. The presence of people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives ranging from race to age to gender to hometown to educational experience Geography of Religion Cultural Geography C.J. Cox Instructor . We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads Jewish families will sometimes disown a child who converts to Christianity. However, by and large, religion is regarded as a matter of choice, and it is kept out of public view. A person can have any religious identity and be an American. In much of the Muslim world, the opposite is true. Islam is part of their ethnic identity Historic Political Borders | Modern Socio-Political | Topographic/Resources | Muslim Population. Bahrain. Egypt. Ethnic Groups . Religions . Ethnic Groups . Religions.

Hazaras constitute the country's third-largest ethnic group and largest religious minority community due to their Shia Muslim faith in this Sunni majority country. Their different beliefs and. Research on Orthodox Christian Communities in the United States. Alexei D. Krindatch, the National Coordinator for the Second Census of US Orthodox Christian Churches / 2020 US Religion Census. He can be reached at: Akrindatch@aol.com, 773-551-7226, 510-647-9427 His study reports, maps, and articles on various aspects of the Orthodox Church life in America can be accessed and downloaded here. Shinto is the largest religion in Japan. The largest religion in japan. Indigenous Religion or People Religion (*practiced and passed on by predecessors)- Activity focused religion-Shinto is the largest religion in Japan, rehearsed by almost 80% of the populace, yet just a little level of these recognize themselves as Shintoists in.

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UNIVERSAL RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY by Dr. Jan Garrett. For an independent study of the same issue, see Religious Diversity: Some Implications for Monotheism, by Rita M. Gross.. The following talk was originally presented at the January 9, 2000, meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green KY Ethiopia is the tenth largest country in Africa, covering 439,580 square miles (1,138,512 square kilometers) and is the major constituent of the landmass known as the Horn of Africa. One thing that you should bear in mind is the article you presented is highly influenced by the thought of one ethnic group and one religion. Please in future. Zhuang has the largest population (more than 16 million) of minority ethnic groups. Tibetan People In order to ensure that the 56 Chinese ethnic groups live together in harmony, the government introduced a series of policies including ones to secure the equality and unity of ethnic groups, give regional autonomy to ethnic minorities and promote.

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Ethnic group is a population of people that share a common nationality, language, culture, religion, and/or more. Race differs from an ethnic group in that the shared trait is that they originate from a common biological ancestor. Ethnic groups have migrated for centuries and settle to establish a cultural society in a certain area (charter group) The world is home to thousands of ethnic groups, from the Han Chinese—the largest ethnic group in the world—to the smallest indigenous groups, some of which include only a few dozen people. Almost all of these groups possess a shared history, language, religion, and culture, which provide group members with a common identity The People of Malaysia. The People. Malaysia is a multi racial country consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous people. With this, comes a myriad of religion, festivals, food and customs. Malay. Today, the Malays, make up Malaysia's largest ethnic group, which is more than 50% of the population 459,424. Persons per household, 2015-2019. 3.00. Living in same house 1 year ago, percent of persons age 1 year+, 2015-2019. 86.6%. Language other than English spoken at home, percent of persons age 5 years+, 2015-2019. 26.6%. Computer and Internet Use. Households with a computer, percent, 2015-2019 Zhuang - The Largest Ethnic Group. Longji Ancient Zhuang Village. The Zhuang ethnic group is the largest of the 55 minorities in China. About 18 million live in the south and southeast. Their main homeland is in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Yunnan Province. Others live in Hunan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces