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California amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser California amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters This is a listing of U.S. Area Amateur Radio Repeaters. If you know of a repeater that is NOT on this map, please email KD0HTI@kd0hti.co CAL FIRE: Statewide Fire Map - California Show Offline Repeaters. Show Outdated Listings. settings_input_antenn

The information on this page represents amateur ham radio repeater locations displayed via Google maps. The data represents the repeaters frequency, offset, CTCSS, PL and notes such as if it supports IRLP, Echolink, autopatch, etc. Useful for mobile, handheld and base station amateur ham radio tranceivers, receivers and scanners by Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu C.A.R.L.A. is a network of repeaters providing coverage across California and Western Nevada. It is intended to be used as a reliable communications resource during significant local, regional and wide area incidents, and is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. If you're new to C.A.R.L.A., please take a few moments to familiarize. Open full screen to view more. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own Amateur Radio Repeater Database Idaho ARRL. Intertie Oregon Database Map Utah Arizona Idaho. Live Repeater Database. 396 Repeaters, 255 Sites, 110 Visual Links, 35 Coverage Maps. Low Level 4000' 6000' 7000' 8000' 9000' 10000' Search / Help files.

Southern California Repeater Lists. 6 meters. 2 meters. 220 MHz. 440 MHz. Customize list. More about this list & how to contribute. 2 meter band usage (featuring recognized simplex frequencies The Northern Amateur Relay Council of California, Inc. (NARCC) is the Amateur Radio coordinating organization for the 10 meter band and higher in Northern California. In cooperation with the FCC, ARRL, and the support of the hams in northern California, NARCC performs the repeater coordination function for the region Condor Connection - A linked 220 MHz system, covering California, parts of Nevada and Arizona. System is 100% free, and provides excellent RF coverage without relying on internet nodes. Catalina Amateur Repeater Association - Repeaters are located on Catalina Island, and provide excellent coverage throughout most of Southern California

440 mhz listings - by frequency arizona repeater directory click to see map of repeaters march 25, 2021 output input call geog area location mtn type pl tone sponsored by: 440.00000 445.00000 w7uf phx metro scottsdale o,pl 100.0 s.a.r.c. 440.02500 445.02500 n7xdk phx metro shaw butte * o,dm The map below shows the approximate location of each DMR repeater that is connected to the Western States C-Bridge. Single Click on the site name to see the details of the repeater site. Updates California Talk Group made PTT 15 on El Cajon repeater on 17 May 2021. Added KF6FM - Otay to Talk Group Local 1 on 21 April 2021 Southern California Repeater List -- Via TASMA. Mountain Locations in Southern California With Map! - Where is Mount WayUpDare?? Suggested LA And San Diego FM Repeaters-- With Map, For Use when Traveling in Southern Cal or Escaping From It -- By Dave AD7DB Southern California Repeater List -- California, San Fernando Valley -- By Dave AD7D Southern California Coordinated ATV Repeater Map Vandenberg Santa Ynez ompoc Santa Barbara WB9KMO 434.0 & 2442/1289.25 Santa Barbara Ridgecrest Bakersfield Mojave Job's Peak W6ATN (146.43) Barstow Baker Heaps Peak AF6HP 10,400 & 2442/3380 Snow Peak W6ATN Needles DVB-T 2442/ 1242 Mt. Potosi KB7BY 912FM/1253.25 Las Vegas NV Mt. Wilson W6AT Maps by Region. Regional Repeaters. Select the Region To Display. Africa Asia Australia Canada Europe - Eastern Europe - Northern Europe - Southern Europe - Western Germany Islands Italy Japan Latin America Oceania Sweden United Kingdom USA Midwest USA Northeast USA Southeast USA West. Click on any Repeater to see it's details

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  1. DMR-MARC worldwide DMR repeater map, including North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. VA3XPR Toronto's Digital Ham Radio Repeater Connection Below is an interactive map showing all of the DMR repeaters connected to the DMR-MARC, DMRPlus and BrandMeister networks around the world
  2. Northern California Microwave Sites Page 1. ALISIAL HILL. (Photo American Tower Corp) Alisial Hill: Type: Repeater TD-2. Location: Along the west side of the Alisial Hills just east of Salinas. Paths: Loma Prieta and Vaqueros. Notes: Typical repeater type structure but horns have already been removed
  3. C4FM map of repeaters in the world. C4FM.xyz. The map displays information from your PC: coordinates, call sign, etc
  4. Repeaters. Below you will find all the WinSystem and Affiliated Repeater sites. You can search and sort the list by any field on the top row. If the Repeater location has a site plot map it is linked. Palomar Mtn. - No. San Diego. Santiago Pk. - Orange / Riverside County
  5. 145.25 MHz Repeater System - Status ON LINEAllStar Node 53410 and EchoLink N6NA-R (646535) The repeater transmitter is located east of Sacramento in the foothills near Shingle Springs at about 2,000 feet. Our 800 watt effective radiated power system is designed to provide wide area coverage to the greater Sacramento area including Woodland.
  6. myGMRS.com is a General Mobile Radio Service community where users can search and submit repeaters in their area
  7. Network Map. User Dashboard. Data Visualisation. Network Map. Legend. 26066. Russia / Ekaterinburg (1) (250605) 46004. Turkey Istanbul (28634

The San Diego Repeater Association provides open Amateur Radio repeater coverage across San Diego and Imperial Counties as well as portions of Baja, California. We are dedicated to providing reliable, open repeaters for the Amateur Radio community. Mail: San Diego Repeater Association P.O. Box 81103 San Diego, CA. 92138. PHONE: (888) 683-823 Each map covers all or part of one wilderness area and the scale is generally 1 inch per mile (1:63,360). Topographic Maps. FSTopo is the Forest Service series of large scale topographic maps. FSTopo maps are 7.5 minute, 1:24,000-scale over the conterminous United States, and 15 minute X 20-22.5 minute, 1:63,360-scale over Alaska Cocolala. ID. Long Mtn. K7BNR. This repeater is currently off the air due to an on site fire. Replacement equipment being purchased and should be up summer 2020. Bonner County ARES. 2021-02. 442.1000 Southbay: 145.390 443.225 927.8625 Eastbay: 443.975. The analog repeater network is connected full time. If you go in on any port, you will come out all of the repeaters. The PL tone for 145.390, 443.225 and 443.975 is 100.0 Hz. The tone for the 927.8625 repeater is DPL 023. The analog repeater network is also connected to IRLP reflector 9096

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Northern California Repeater Users Group, (NorCal RUG) is a group comprised of local public service radio communications teams, part of these volunteers are members of REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams). REACT is an international non-profit community service organization, which was formed over 25 years ago and is dedicated. AG6AU Repeaters. Members of our Club maintain one of the most extensive and robust Ham Radio Repeater Networks in California, with virtually 100% coverage throughout El Dorado County. Our Repeater network call sign, AG6AU, reflects our rich, Gold-country heritage, composed of the chemical element symbols for Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold)

Welcome to the Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association (SCRRBA) website! We are a volunteer organization providing coordination of a number of heavily utilized amateur radio frequency bands in Southern California. SCRRBA is a member of the National Frequency Coordinators' Council (NFCC). transitioning to a new mail server this. Regional Public Safety. These channels are used by fire agencies throughout San Bernardino County in conjunction with the countywide 800 MHz trunking systems. CONFIRE JPA aka Comm Center over the radio, operates two Fire/EMS communications centers which share a common phone system and a common radio system California has quite a lot of side locations and just a few, however complex, towns. Most side locations will be marked on your map after you hear distress calls on the radio. After you install the repeater, you'll get the locations more often CARLA Repeater Network - C.A.R.L.A. is a growing network of repeaters providing coverage across Northern & Central California and Western Nevada. It is intended to be used as a reliable communications resource during significant local, regional and wide area incidents, and is open to all licensed amateur radio operator Cell tower location and coverage map for Provider -1 CellMapper is a crowd-sourced cellular tower and coverage mapping service. CellMapper is a crowd-sourced cellular tower and coverage mapping service. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it

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All repeaters are connected to the DMR-MARC worldwide network. Each repeater is programmed with the following Time Slots and Talkgroups: Time Slot #2 - Group Call 1 = DMR-MARC World Wide Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3 = DMR-MARC N. Amer./English Speaking Countries Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3100 = DCI Bridg Hams do not claim overtime, or sick days. If Ham repeater or antenna system is not working, a bunch of Hams will gather, via repeaters, and go tackle the problem. The California decision by an unelected official, is disgusting, and is a slap in the face to over 700,000 licensed Hams in the US Winlink Global Radio Email®️ is an all-volunteer project of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc. (ARSFI), a non-profit public benefit corporation with no beneficial owners.. Please give to ARSFI if you use Winlink radio email or correspond regularly with someone who does. By donating $25 each year you will do your part to improve this system and keep it running Simplex Repeater. Located on Duzel Rock (north east of Fort Jones) 146.74-. KE6NO, Low level, SW of Grenada, CA ( Truckers) 147.36+. Located on Gunsight Pk., Yreka. 146.67-. Located at the old Ski Bowl on the south side of. Mt. Shasta at about 7600 ft

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Arizona Repeater Association, Inc P. O. Box 35758, Phoenix, Arizona 85069-575 REPEATER SUB-BAND BANDPLAN 144.5 - 145.5 MHZ Repeaters in the spectrum between 144.500 to 145.500 MHZ utilize a low in-high out configuration, o - N6LXX repeater in Rosston, Texas on 53.13 out, 52.13 in. - N6LXX repeater in Denver, Colorado on 53.170 MHz out, 52.170 MHz in, CTCSS 107.2 Hz. There are also several 900 MHz repeaters (-25 MHz offset) in the greater southern California area which may be linked into the system, among them: - Low Potosi (Las Vegas, Nevada) 927.5625 MHz (CTCSS. Repeater Builder. D-STAR Administration Resources; Getting a Callsign; Installing Hardware; Connecting the Hardware; Testing a Repeater; Installing a Gateway; Repeater Pieces; Configuring the Controller; Repeater Tips; Various Tips; Icom ID-31A. ID-31A Blog; Icom ID-51; Icom ID-5100; DVAP Programming; DSTARInfo - Before Sending an Info Request.

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Audio Monitoring for the RATS Repeater . The RATS operate a 2M repeater on Edom Hill (146.940-107.2) We are experimenting with streaming the audio so members can monitor the repeater activity from a web browser. This may be useful for doing radio checks, where the radio operator can listen to their transmission for quality purposes USA GMRS Association Repeater Listings Info Page. Home of the USA GMRS Association. Although FCC DOES NOT require frequency coordination for any GMRS repeater (s) --- Please consider listing your repeater on our site. By doing so you will be helping others looking to place their repeater (s) into operation by letting them know what frequencies. RPT. WIRES-X 438.950 MHZ,BRASOV ,ROMANIA. 438.625 Mhz (-7.600 Mhz). ED1ZAV Repetidor Consejo Territorial URE Asturias. Northwich Fusion Wires-X Repeater. Normally connected to NWFG. DR2X/C4FM repeater located in Thornham Magna, Nr Eye, Suffolk, UK. Fusion repeater for the Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub in The Colony, Texas, linked to Texas Nexus Due to the dynamic nature of the content of this web site, please link only to the home page at www.n3kz.co

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  1. Southern California's Premier Repeater System. © 2018 PAPA System Contact PAPA. Blue Ridge Coverag
  2. The interactive maps listed below assist in easily accessing location-based information pertaining to a specific subject and/or area within the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County. Note: The original ActiveMap has been reorganized into separate use-specific map viewers. As our efforts are a work in progress, the ActiveMap collection will grow.
  3. CA 3106: Static, wide area talkgroup linking California DMR repeaters. The calling channel when talking across regions in California, such as during travel. CAL 1: This Dynamic talkgroup is on California repeaters and is for wide area extended QSOs in California. Perfect place for when you are traveling across the Golden State

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Repeater Coverage Maps - Other simulations for future and planned repeaters. Search for: Get Licensed! Area Clubs & Links; Subscribe to our News and Events email group to be notified of upcoming events! View Archives. Upcoming Events. Tuesday (Weekly) 7:00pm - Social Net [146.90 Repeater Amateur radio repeater at maps. Neither the State nor the Department shall be liable under any circumstances for any direct, special, incidental, or consequential damages with respect to any claim by any user or third party on account of or arising from the use of data or maps. Jerry Brown Governor, State of California John Laird Secretary of Resources, The Resources Agenc View a list of California TV Channels available by TV Antenna. Review a TV antenna map by zip code to determine signal strength and antenna selection frequencies and tones' , 'Repeater Maps', 'Channel names' for California. If you have any OLD listings of maps or repeaters for California. That also can be sent for review. Please post the Wing/Squadron VHF Nets Night info. What time they hold the net. Many Wings run NETS anywhere from 1800-2100 local [top or bottom of the hour

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  1. Future 700Mhz Base Radio System. Will be located at CHP stations for officers to reach dispatch via their portables. Users have recently reported these frequencies being heard as either VRS (Extender) or Talk-Around (Portable-to-Portable) frequencies for CHP officers on details, such as construction zone standby's. Frequency. License. Type. Tone
  2. Most repeaters, including these OPEN repeaters, require INPUT CTCSS for access, as recommended by the local repeater coordination group, the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California.Some repeaters ENCODE CTCSS on their OUTPUT, usually to allow users to guard their mobile receivers, so as to hear only their local repeater, instead of a co-channel repeater in another community
  3. 165. Location. Antelope Valley, CA. Apr 30, 2015. #1. I am interested in very wide area coverage repeaters in 2 meters, 1.25 meters and 70 cm. Coverage like when the WIN system was on Frazier Peak and it had such an awesome footprint that it caused a problem of those in southern Orange County all the way from Kern/Ventura county line; where the.
  4. Member benefits include. We provide many advanced features of the site to Members only. Bigger google maps make repeaters easier to find.. More Map location flags make repeaters easier to find.. No ADVERTISEMENTS More room to show bigger maps and repeater lists.. Up to 100 favorite repeaters and up to 10 differnet favorite lists. non members are limited to 20 Hi Quality PDF format state maps

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The Los Angeles 147.435 repeater (435) is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Located in Southern California on Santiago Peak (5,600 feet), the repeater covers a population of about 20 Million people within Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Read More Mobile Radio Coverage Map. Click here to see a microwave network and SARnet coverage map. Microwave sites associated with constructed SARnet sites have yellow in the center of the star. A rough estimate of UHF Mobile coverage for each repeater associated with SARnet is also included. Again the map does NOT indicate whether a particular local. A RF coverage map generated for the VA3XPR repeater in Toronto, Canada, using Radio Mobile Online. Have you ever wanted to create an RF coverage map to find out how good the repeater coverage would be from a certain location? Perhaps you're curious as to how good the simplex range is from your home station. Either way, there is a quick and.

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San Diego County RACES 147.195(+)114.8 Secondary (Use only when Primary repeater isn't reachable!) The ERCA Palomar repeater is down until further notice. San Diego County Skywarn will use an alternate repeater in the meantime. The alternate repeater for now is N6VCC, 146.235,+,146.2 APRS Direct is a website that brings you global real-time APRS tracking and weather data (including CWOP ). Our goal is to bring you a fast and easy-to-use map with the latest APRS activity. We can achive fast real-time updates since each user browser will be connected directly to our own APRS-IS server (with no intermediate database-server) Repeater map *Requires Google Earth APRS .POS Import Tutorial Device locator map 2m Repeaters 70cm Repeaters Digital Voice Repeaters Other Repeaters Packet BBS Packet Node APRS Digi IRLP/Echolink HF Beacon VHF Beacon Weather Fax. Legend. Printable Report Data 6 mths old Data 1 yr old Printable Guide Find on map Google Maps APRS .POS Fil The USA GMRS Association's GMRS Repeater Network is a collection of both USA GMRS Association owned repeaters and a collection of mutually agreed personally owned repeaters by licensed GMRS repeater owners. Made available for use to Licensed GMRS users and are a non-commercial group of radio operators and their family members. We share a common.

N6USO REPEATER NOW LINKED TO THE K6TEM 440. The 145.440 repeater is also linked in full time with the K6TEM 445.48 - 131.8 tone repeater high above Arcadia. This repeater configuration will give full coverage from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, through the South Bay to the Inland Empire. 449.88 - 146.2 Is located on Sunset Ridge U 39 San Francisco, California Revised Cal. P.U.C. Sheet No. 34575-E Cancelling Original Cal. P.U.C. Sheet No. SERVICE AREA MAP Sheet 1 (N) ELECTRIC SERVICE AREA MAPS (N) Advice 4535-E Issued by Date Filed November 17, 2014 Decision Steven Malnight Effective December 17, 2014 Senior Vice President Resolution Regulatory Affair San Francisco Bay Area Ham Repeaters. Given how many sources online (and printed) have missing or incorrect information, I have started a few years back a project to compile a frequency list for the San Francisco Bay Area. This list is updated by me as time allows as well as YOU. Meaning, if you see something missing, incorrect, etc

All Oregon Repeaters by County and Call Freq. PL County Callsign Status 145.2700- 110.9 Huntington, Lime Hill Baker W7NYW OPEN 147.1200+ 100 Huntington, Lime Hill Baker K7OJI OPEN 444.1500+ 100 Lime, Lime Hill Baker K7OJI OPEN 145.1700- 110.9 Lime, Lime Hill Baker W7NYW OPEN 147.0600+ 110.9 Corvallis Baker W7NYW OPE The purpose of Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, Inc. (NARRI) is to promote the development of amateur radio repeaters under the provisions of 47CFR Part 97 including, but may not be limited to, those linked via the internet, for personal enjoyment, public service during emergencies and natural disasters and, if applicable, home land security, education and any other lawful purpose

If there is an E-mail contact address at the bottom of the affected web page (s), then use it. Otherwise contact: County of Inyo. Geographic Information Systems. 168 N. Edwards Street. Independence, CA 93526. mhay@inyocounty.us. 760-873-5567 California Repeater Directory GPS Map for Lowrance HDS & Elite *FREE DOWNLOAD* Description; Reviews (0) Rugged Rocks has teamed up with RepeaterBook.com to add ham radio repeater location and frequency information to your Lowrance HDS GPS unit. The required files are generated with information provided by RepeaterBook.com and are provided for. WALA links repeaters in all sorts of bands, including 2 meter, 222 MHz, 440 MHz, and even 1.2 GHz. The WIN SYSTEM The WIN SYSTEM is a series of linked, or Intertied, UHF (440 MHz, or 70 cm) repeaters that cover a great deal of California. The WIN SYSTEM is owned and operated by Shorty, K6JSI, with a lot of help from the WIN SYSTEM membership The service is affiliated with the ARRL. Ham Radio Scanner. VHF 146.640. Hollywood - California , United States - English. Suggest an update. Visit the Radio's website. Post Office Box 186. gl1800winger@verizon.net. Songs playing in Hollywood, CA SMCARA Amateur Repeater

The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The repeaters are operated by their local trustees and the network that connects them together does not interfere with the local use of the repeaters. These UHF repeaters were specifically chosen in part because the voice. D-STAR K6SOA-A. Our 11 repeaters provide ham radio operators with excellent VHF and UHF coverage in Southern Orange County including the cities of Mission Viejo, Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Irvine, RSM and Trabuco Canyon. Our high level repeater covers most. The maps are generated once per day. If you change your repeater data, wait for 24h to see thechanges on the plots. If you are uncertain about the exact coordinates of your repeater, just click inside the latitude or longitude field to bring a map, zoom in as close as possible to your location and click on the map where the repeater is located.

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  1. In October 2013, we installed a digital voice module on 1284.0000 MHz with a - 20 MHz split. The repeater antennas are located 320 feet above average terrain, three blocks from the State Capitol in downtown Richmond. The repeaters are gateway connected. The RARC D Star net meets Wednesday nights at 8:00pm when all three modules are linked to.
  2. Established in 1971, the Cactus Intertie System is a private UHF amateur radio system consisting of a large number of remotely controlled base stations, or Remote Base for short, which are interconnected utilizing full duplex links.This linked system covers large portions of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Texas
  3. Click the image above to view a map. He was the founder and CEO of California Microwave, Inc. from 1968 to 1993. He is an avid radio amateur (W6NL) and is the faculty advisor and license trustee of the Stanford Amateur Radio Club (W6YX)
  4. g. Note: This repeater has spotty coverage in populated areas of the Salt Lake and Utah valleys
  5. All UHF Repeaters. Retevis RT97 Portable GMRS Repeater 5W. Regular price. $399.99. View. BridgeCom Systems BCR-40DU (400-470 MHz) UHF Repeater w/ Internal Duplexer. Regular price. $1,595

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  1. Due to the continuing COVID-19 crisis, and the Canada - U.S. border being closed to Americans entering Canada, the meeting scheduled for October 18, 2020 is being postponed
  2. g of a 2 Meter HT) The Basic Repeater Components: Antenna Most repeaters use only one antenna. The antenna is used on transmit and receive signals that are going into and out of the repeater
  3. PUBLIC MEETINGS are suspended, ZOOM only: Typically, first Saturday every month, 1PM. Meeting Dates, 2021 - Jan 09, Feb 06, Mar 06, Apr 03, May 01, Jun 05, Jul 10, Aug 07, Sep 04, Oct 02, Nov 06, Dec 04. Allstar Monitor II, Node 48439 - W6AB HUB SARC HUB Site-1 VAFB. Echolink Node W6AB-R 510248
  4. Country: State: Location: CTCSS Tones: Output Frequency: Input Frequency: Call Sign: Sponsor: Repeater Notes: CANADA: QUEBEC: St-Calixte : 28.1900: 28.1900: VE2RVK.
  5. Linked Repeater Groups. Rabbit Radio Network, founded in 1964, led by Emmett Dunlap-WA6COT is a closed amateur radio system made up of 11 UHF inter-linked sites on 9 mountain tops in Southern California from San Luis Obispo to parts of San Diego and to Las Vegas. Rabbit Radio provides link ports to the Cactus Intertie System
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WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION OF REPEATERS Inc. is an organization of trustees and representatives of repeaters, state-wide, whose goal is mutual cooperation on the VHF and UHF spectrum, in the voluntary spirit of Amateur Radio. This list is copyright 2021 by Wisconsin Association of Repeaters Inc. Frequency Coordination Committe GEORGIA Appalachian Trail 2 meter repeaters (S->N) by N1MJD v1.2 Town Frequency Callsign Notes/Repeater Location Gainesville (approach) 146.670- W4ABP Tone 131.8,ca,POL, AMTRAK & Bus Depots SE of Springer Mt Waleska (approach) 145.270- KE4PN I-575 & Rte 5/515 to AT SW of Springer MT Jasper (approach) 146.700- W4OOM Rte 5/515 to AT Springer 145. Donations are Welcomed. All repeaters and networking are privately owned and funded solely by a handful of our members. If you wish deploy your own MotoTRBO or MMDVM repeater, assist PNWDigital.Net with equipment, sites and/or networking or programming expertise, please contact us at: admin@pnwdigital.net. If you wish to contribute dollars, see our PayPal Pool or learn more at our Support page HAM RADIO REPEATERS IN IOWA. List any open Amateur radio repeaters you know to be on the air in Iowa here. Please do not dump a list of repeaters obtained elsewhere on the internet such as the repeater council's list. Only list open repeaters that you know to be on the air. Please list Location, Output frequency, offset, and tone BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174.99mhz (VHF) 400-520.99mhz (UHF)) 4.6 out of 5 stars 837 $59.89 $ 59 . 8

US Forest Service - Los Padres National Forest (CA) - TheN3PXPleasants Peak | PAPA System DMRManitoba Repeater Society | Supporting Repeaters