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Hi ladies,Last week I finally received my BFP. Got my hCG tested and it was rather low but doubling every 3 days. Yesterday I started spotting brown and clear. I had a bad feeling even though I wasn't bleeding nor with pain. So I took a FRER and the positive line is almost invisible. Took a CB digital.. I am going to the dollar store tomorrow to pick some up! I am still BFP on the OPK, but I was BFN on FRER this morning. I am wondering if I am wrong on my timing, and the two days of cramps I was experiencing (followed by the continually positive OPK) was implantation and that is why I am still BFN on the HPT

So If you are late or when and you think you are go for the blood to see! I know woman who had the qualitive blood and was pregnant but it said BFN!!! I would say save your money and only use the OPK for OPK's and if your temp stays up for 18 days past O then you ar pregnant! Best of luck Nearly positive opk but BFN at 13 dpo. Anyone else have any experience of using opk's to detect pregnancy? I know I am most likely being silly! Does the opk have to be positive for it to mean anything? Mine have been getting steadily darker from about 9 dpo. Pregnancy tests are very negative, not even evaps which is very unusual in my. So yes an OPK will be positive when you're pregnant because hCG and LH are basically the same, but much later. If you have no clear track of ovulation you might have missed it, or you could possibly be pregnant but if you have a standard 28-day cycle it will still be too early to test on CD24. t. tilly78. Posted 10/24/12 It's normal to have a bit of an lh surge around the time AF is due but this isn't a sign of pregnancy. btw, ive never gotten a positive opk at this point in my cycle, I see faint lines from about day12 of cycle, pos day 14 then normally the rest of cycle if I test with opk its completely negative, not even faint lines

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  1. I am 11 dpo, with a BFN this morning. However, I did an OPK (the digital kind), and it was positive this afternoon? I am definitely not ovulating, since this is day 26 of my cycle, and I had a confirmed ovulation on day 15 (with a day 22 progesterone level of 23.2). Is it possible this OPK is detecting the LH that is part of the HCG hormone
  2. AF 12 days late, CD 46. BFN hpt. BFP opk ?? wtf: so here it goes... Last AF started on December 18th, I Usually have a 33 day cycle. so I was due for AF on January 21st (Via Period tracker app on my phone) I have done hpt tests since about 10 DPO.. alll BFN ! Im currently 26 DPO according to my app. ( havent tried temping yet) so I went to the doctor, she told me it.
  3. AF due today, bfn but positive opk?! 9 answers / Last post: 05/01/2017 at 9:18 pm. Danielle S(625) 04/01/2017 at 8:10 pm. Hello! I'm not really sure why I'm Soyinka, just need to tell someone I guess. I've been TTC for 4 months now, AF has been pretty regular but then last month she was 6 days late, I had a very faint positive pregnancy test.

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  1. On the flip side ovulation tests can pick up pregnancy hormones hcg as well. I've seen people have a positive opk and a positive pregnancy test at the same time. I've read opks can sometimes pick up hcg sooner but I don't know how reliable that is but I've defo seen a positive opk and hcg test together Good luck and I hope you get your bfp soon
  2. 11dpo positive opk negative frer :/ UPDATE BFP!!! m. mrsjones12. Last edited 12/1/13. Af due today, did a frer this morning and was negative, but just took an opk and it is positive, what is going on
  3. I'm about 14 dpo and AF is due today (no sign of her yet :) ) but I've been testing since 11 dpo BFN so for giggles I wanted to see what an OPK would say and much to my surprise they have all been positive and I mean POSITIVE the test line is completely darker then the control line and the test line is appearing within 10 sec of me peeing

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So I'm I'm 9dpo and took a preg test this am (superdrugs ) was bfn with next urine did opk just out of curiosity ! Why ! it was positive just done another opk (4th wee today ) and was a bfn ! What's going on I'm really confused ! Serious advice and input needed . Thank you Hiya. This is my first cycle since coming off the pill. I'm 11/12 dpo (used clear blue digital dual hormone tests) and due AF today...however, BFN with HPT but positive OPK (the line was as dark as control line). Cervical position is very high and closed, white cm (sorry, tmi) I had cramping around 14 dpo , negative hpt but positive opk , whats going on ? ladies please help . I am 14 dpo today and have been testing everyday since about 9 dpo . So far I have only gotten bfn pregnacy test including this morning . With third morning urine I just took both opk and hpt and the opk was positive , really positive Opk tests can pick up HCG as well as LH I had a miscarriage recently and got a very strong positive on an opk with that pregnancy. Last month's cycle I got a really strong positive on an opk again but hpt was negative. So yes, positive opk can definitely indicate pregnancy but not always. Fingers crossed for you - I hope you get your BFP Af is 6 days late. Positive opk but bfn?? What's going on!?: Hey ladies, Af was supposed to show her ugly face on May 31st but never came. I have been having cramps like I usually get before af since may 30th so I figured I was out this month but she still hasn't showed! I'm so confused. I usually get very tender boobs 4 or 5 days before I start but that didn't happen.

They're only positive if the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line, this goes for confirming an hpt result for pregnancy as well, the opk still has to be darker than the control to confirm pregnancy. Violation Reported. Report as Inappropriate. Eviesmumma. Mar 4, 2016 at 6:50 PM AF 12 days late, CD 46. BFN hpt. BFP opk ?? wtf - Page 2: so here it goes... Last AF started on December 18th, I Usually have a 33 day cycle. so I was due for AF on January 21st (Via Period tracker app on my phone) I have done hpt tests since about 10 DPO.. alll BFN ! Im currently 26 DPO according to my app. ( havent tried temping yet) so I went to the doctor, she told. Anyone got a bfn 12dpo then positive after?: Hi all, We're due to start another round of IVF on my next period but it hasn't started. It was due last Friday but it didn't arrive and I'm feeling the same pregnancy symptoms as I did with my daughter who was conceived through IVF. I keep getting bfn's but we only bd 12 days ago. I'm not good at holding my wee more than a couple of. 1. The OPK will pick up a + hCG before the doctor's office test but about two days after a beta test would pick it up (detecting 10mIU of hCG being between 7dpo - 9dpo ~ according to the average impant of 5-7 days), so if you are waiting to take a urine test at the doc's office, you would still have to wait. 2

I took an opk today, as I know these can sometimes detect pregnancy, and it showed positive. Did the hpk but that was negative. I am just wondering how I can have a positive opk when I am on my period? I had a 6 day period type bleed when I was a few weeks pregnant with my ds, before I found out I was pregnant, this is why I decided to test. TIA! So i took these today at 8dpo, tomorrow, friday, i'll be 9dpo. yesterdays opk was very, very, close to positive. todays opk was positive but i got a bfn on a pregnancy test. i know its still early, but does this sound like i could possibly get a bfp soon 9dpo is very early like the ladies said! You're not out yet for sure. Also I got a bfn on frer @ 9dpo before and I found the cheap tests took forever to get a line & darker too. Sounds promising out the opk good luck xx. #16 Mummy2toddler, Sep 15, 2013 Has anyone ever just waited for a positive opk And inseminated based on that alone? I get cm, but not enough to identify where I am as far as ovulation. I don't get ov pains and I have trouble temping. April '14 - BFN May '14 - BFP (angel baby, 4 wks) June '14 - BFP (angel baby, 5 wks) 0. carebear430 Posts: 147. May 2014 edited November -1

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Positive OPK 9dpo, is this normal? (43 Posts) Add message | Report. kwazycupcakes Mon 23-Mar-20 08:41:44. Hi all, I have been TTC for 15 months and due to Coronavirus my referral and DH semen analysis have been cancelled . For some reason I did an OPK this morning at 9dpo and it was positive I did get a positive OPK on CD16 and fertility friend detected ovulation with a BBT spike. I got a BFN for that clomid cycle. When I got AF, I called my OB to check in and she said that since I ovulated that month, she didn't want to change the dosage and told me to do everything the same 9dpo bfn hpt positive opk? Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by honeybear, Sep 15, 2013. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Maka Well-Known Member. Joined: Mar 6, 2013 Messages: 400 Likes Received: 0. Yeah, sadly my Ov is usually bit late, after 20 days so I can't use opk or ill just run out of them. I usually notice my cm and then when the. Save big! Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals! See all deals This happened to me every cycle which is why I used cheap OPK strips and continued testing even after the first +OPK. Everytime I'd get a positive OPK I'd continue testing and every time between 4-7 days later I'd get another +OPK, and because I was monitoring it in conjunction with BBT a temp rise would always follow the second positive which.

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I know I've heard this on here. I'm asking to be clear. Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you Bfn but almost + opk? Recca135. Posted 3/13/16. I have never been so frustrated in my life. Hedd of 11/17. I'm 16 dpo with tons of bfn tests. Tweakers say that they might be pulling some pink. I got a + OPK on the 14 and 15th. I took a test today because I couldn't wait it was a BFN As expected since I shouldn't get AF until either 29 or 30 or even the first? I did hear that about the OPK but I'm not sure, They did say usually and most women in the wesites I looked but that doesn't mean you can't be an exception! Baby dust momma!! Wow, they are very positive. I'm not too sure how much the opk as hcg test can be trusted, but clear blue may be a little too low in sensitivity for 10dpo. Fingers crossed you get your BFP in the next couple of days xx. #4 Unicorn, Oct 3, 2015. MrsRoger Well-Known Member

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When an opk comes up positive during ovulation time then you don't need to keep testing. You will O 12-48hrs after that first positive. Some people continue to test days after a positive but it's just a waste of money. Some women have longer LH surges so their opks stay positive for longer than a day Don't want to see a BFN. Add message | Report | See all. SunnySideUp2020 Thu 10-Sep-20 18:41:09. @mouldygrapes i think some people talk about positive opk hut really mean dark opk before AF. Opks do tend to become darker right before AF. But never actually turn positive again No AF 9 days late BFN this morning: Hey everyone does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do I'm 9 days late today did a test this morning BFN I don't know why? Am I just stressing about nothing? I'm trying so hard to ignore the fact we are TTC so that either AF will come or I will get a positive test? Any tips ladies? Thanks for reading sometimes you. anyone have a bfn at 13dpo then bfP? hi there, feeling a little bummed so just thought i'd see if anyone has had a bfn at 12-13 dpo then a positive. i thought i saw a very faint line, so far votes have been 70% positive, but i took another test and it's a bfn

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  1. 16 dpo, no period, bfn? juli322 10/11/13. My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 since June. Became pregnant in August but miscarried at 5w1d. This month I did opk's to know for sure, and got a positive op strip Oct 25 (cycle day 16). I also had ewcm that day
  2. 9dpo bfn hpt positive opk? Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by honeybear, Sep 15, 2013. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. Lou1103 Well-Known Member. Joined: Jan 2, 2013 Messages: 3,335 Likes Received: 0. so sorry hun r u definitely out ? Xxx #41 Lou1103, Sep 17, 2013. kanga86 Well-Known Member. Joined: May 9, 201
  3. g waaaay darker than the control line positive OPK. What the?!
  4. I believe I ovulated Day 13 of my cycle (I track using my BBT), and then 9DPO I had significant cramping on the right side and what has felt like mild pregnancy symptoms. Today Is 14 DPO. I always get my period 12DPO - max 13. Anyway so I've tested along the way and it's been negative. I went to the doctors this morning who is doing blood work
  5. Could be pregnant, opks turn positive with the hcg hormone. They're usually more sensitive than hpts aswell. Try a first response in a few days x GL x. 0. x Lauren x. Oct 22, 2013 1:35PM I took an IC today (before the OPK) which was a BFN but I expected it really as its still early days
  6. Anyone get a positive OPK before bfp?: So I'm a week late and all BFNs but this morning I got a strong positive OPK and I KNOW I O'd at CD14 im now CD34. All tests I've used for hpt and OPK are FRER. I'm confused. I've had pg symptoms for 2 weeks but still bfn. anyone had something similar? Maybe the OPK can detect a smaller amount of the hcg than the HPT
  7. like others have said, I only get positive OPK's later at night - between 10 PM and midnight. TTC since September 2007 - 8 donor insems in 2012, all BFN. DH had varicocele repair #2 1/3/14. It worked! Two clomid cycles and two IUI's with injectables all BFN, on to IVF! 3dt of 2 perfect embryos on 12/15/14, BFP 7dp3dt
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So just as you may get a bfp on a frer but a bfn on a digital you can get a positive on one opk and a negative on another. As frustrating as this is, it is actually a good thing because we don't all have the same levels of LH for baselines or at O. Especially those with PCOS as they have higher than average LH which is why most doctors will. Messages: 9,039. Likes Received: 121. This is a pic of a frer, superdrug, ice and opk at 10dpo with my second pregnancy. Opk isn't positive but does have a good line. Good luck for testing tomorrow, hope you get a bfp xx. #14 kanga86, Sep 9, 2015 Hi like yourself I too got a BFN @ 10 dpo!! My symptoms started with just tender breast, then I noticed I had bloating in my lower pelvic area (already having a child, I look 4 mon prego after I eat so that wasnt too strange for me), I had cramping & I mean severe cramping like my AF was due any moment and lots of milky white discharge @ 6 dpo through today which I am now 13dpo Apr 20, 2008 8:37AM. hi hun,in my 1st pregnancy i did 2 negative tests until i was 2 weeks late on my period and then got a positive!in my 2nd pregnancy i was 3 1/2 mths gone when i got a positive result!and in this pregnancy i was about 7 weeks gone when i got a positive result.Think it goes on how much hgv u have in ur system for the test to.

I got BFN but I also took an OPK yesterday morning and today which were positive but I know I definitely ovulated last week. I got a positive OPK two days before a positive HPT last time I was pregnant. So I'm hoping..I'm 8 dpo today. (3 replies 9 days late...BFN's. 9 days late...still nothing but BFN's. I swear it was so much easier when you aren't trying to get pregnant to get pregnant. With my son, I wasn't even planning on getting pregnant. 10 days after missed period I realized I was late and it turned to + as soon as the pee hit the stick. Now i'm 9 days late and nothing Hi there ! , you can use an OPK as an HPT. I found out i was prego that way . I was 5 days late , peed on a opk and it was crazzzyy positive. Took a hpt BFP! , so my advice is , dont look into the positive OPK unless you are 100% sure you cannot be Ovulating right now. If you are sure you O'd b4 , it may be worth getting a HPT :) Good luck! IUI - Day of or Day after +OPK? - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: Hello, I am 27 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a month. We are going to go for an IUI again this month (the first one was a negative). My clinic wants me to test in the morning and then go in that same day for the IUI. I have noticed on dr. google that most people go the day. 6-7dpo, positive OPK??: So I ovulated early this month, CD14-15 I'm almost 1000% sure because I had ovary pain overnight between those 2 days and my CM matched up perfectly. My new OPK's arrived in the mail and thought I would keep tracking just to double make sure. Yesterday was so negative I could barely see a 2nd line, top OPK was this morning with FMU and the bottom.

BFN even with squinting on tiptoes. Darker than control positive OPK so I guess the witch will show any time now. I was dumb enough to get my hopes up when I started running a low grade fever yesterday but now it's back down (high for me still but more than a degree lower than yesterday.) I've taken so many pregmate strips over the past few. Here is the situation... On cd 20 (Friday) I got a negative but close opk on a wondfo, and an empty circle on cb digital. Around 10 hours later (four hour hold, 5pm) I got a blazing positive and a smiley face. Then yesterday, temp was still at cover, and I had more blazing positive wondfos morning, afternoon, and night

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MRW yesterday's OPK was solidly negative but I had a ton of EWCM, and today's OPK was a blazing positive but all my EWCM is gone. Blind Rage. Close. Vote. Posted by. Staring at my BFN. 236. 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 235. Posted by 3 days ago aM i OUt?! Feeling particularly salty today.. Before my first pregnancy we had a cycle we had to send our vials back because we were planning to do the 12, 24, 36 hours past positive (we had 3 vials and wanted to try to cover all of our bases). We had noticed that my os was open and lots of EWCM. We got a +opk and were just waiting for 12 hours past So it's probably best to keep BD'ing even after your positive because positive does not equal ovulation, just that ovulation is going to occur soon. Also, most women get a surge of LH before their periods, but never catch it because they're no longer testing that late. Good Luck everyone!! 8 years ago. 0 0 0 0. WantTheBump The downside however of seeing a positive opk before a hpt positive is that an opk can pick up a chemical pregnancy, which basically is a pregnancy, it just ends in an early miscarriage. 4178: 0. I ovulate the same day as my positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit) every single cycle (I temp to confirm ovulation) V Faint positive line on Sainsburys own test) (Had to squint!) 10th: 20 DPO faint BFP on Ebay cheepie test 10 DPO: BFN. Right nipple twinges. used progesterone from day 15 to yesterday july 2nd 2015 Nov 15, 2009 · Evening all, To be honest I'm fed up now. I'd gotteBFN25, BFN27

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I took an OPK at 13dpo with this pg and got a SUPER positive OPK (test line darker/bolder than the control line). That was the first day I had POAS at all and also got a BFP with dollar store HPT test that day. I didn't have any other HPTs after the dollar store test and I don't really trust those, so that's why I did the OPK Feb 2006. Newcastle, NSW. 4,219. I had a very faint BFP on a HPT, then 3 pos HPT's, then a neg HPT at the Dr's,then a pos BT, then another neg HPT at the hospital then a rise in the HCG levels (from 49-378 then to 620) which went on for a week but I eventually miscarried. I hope your story is a much more positive one

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Saturday, June 17, I took a hpt and got a bfn. I started spotting almost immediately after, and assumed it was af. By Sunday night I still had no real af and the spotting stopped after Saturday. I didn't have any more hpts, so I took an opk and got a surge. I had my dh go get hpts, and I took another one Monday morning--bfp! An ovulation prediction kit helps a woman know when she's ovulating. It works by detecting a surge in luteinizing hormone, or LH, and this happens usually ab.. Hi webchick. Letrozole does work differently to drugs such as Clomid, and can trigger ovulation a bit earlier. This is what I am taught! Hope all works out for you. Diane. WeeJacs 4 years ago. Hi Webchick, my consultant told me letrazole can regulate your ovulation to nearer the 14 day mark and not to bother about opk sticks Page 1 of 2 - 2ww negative hpt but faint line on opk - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: K let me first start out thst I know what I did was stupid but my theory was if its negative then thats ok...and I know you cant say for sure..but what are your thoughts Only one day really strongly positive OPK this cycle! This is second month of using OPKs-last cycle had fade in of 2 days-just when I thought it couldn't get any darker, it did! AF arrived 12 days post strongest positive line/EWCM signs. Cycles have been 'erratic' past 2-3 months so variable length-had been 24-26days, then last cycle 45days

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Hi everyone:wave: I am on CD 29 today of TTC for the 5th cycle. I have been using OPK every day from CD8 with no positive yet.....this morning I got a BFN on a HPT (FR) but a very dark positive on an OPK strip (internet LH Davidstri 11 DPO BFP (Big Fat Positive): Positive pregnancy signs. Ovulation is when an ovary releases a mature egg that travels to one of the uterine tubes. After fertilization by a sperm, which happens in the uterine tube, the egg continues to travel to the uterus and implants into the uterine lining

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I woke up with cramps SO bad on second day of positive OPK, and then on 6 dpo. I've had cramps on an off. I would wake up in the middle of the night because my boob's were THROBBING in pain.I've gained weight. It was a BFN.I know it's early, but I can also tell that this is not my month. Apart from the ridiculously painful. 10DPO BFN, 12DPO BFP. : ) : TryingForABaby. 10DPO BFN, 12DPO BFP. : ) I'm one of those girls who can't bear the TWW, so I peed on a stick 10DPO and was disappointed to get a BFN. I was a bit blue, but I wasn't really expecting to get lucky this month - while we did everything right around O day, I've had a VERY stressful TWW (wiki 'dysfunction. Another BFN We will be Forgot to post, but yesterday we had a positive opk and triggered. I... t's the earliest I've ever had a positive opk. They did more blood work to confirm too. We only did 4 doses of gonal f this time around. See More. Baby Hop Journey. June 7 at 4:32 PM

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Positive Opk 11 Dpo Positive Opk 8dpo Nov 26, 2012 · brown cm 5dpo small bit of red blood 6dpo on tampon again I got super positive opk on cd 19and positive opk on cd 20 but with FMUI never got + OPK with FMU Dec 22, 2009 · 5dpo is to early for a OPK to show a + related to preg Testing. BFN: Big fat negative (a negative pregnancy test) BFP: Big fat positive (baby's on board!) EPT: Early pregnancy test. hCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin (a hormone produced during pregnancy; elevated levels result in a positive pregnancy test) HPT : Home pregnancy test. PG: Pregnant Kay We are in the same situation. I was about to post on a topic so similar. I got a positive OPK on 12/ 5. Then last wednesday (12/10) when I went to the restroom I had a little pink on the tissue. My cycles have been running 25 days and this past wednesday(12/17) would have been my 25th day. I tested today using first response and a BFN OPK's work differently than HPT's. A pregnancy test will develop 2 lines only if hCG (pregnancy hormone) is detected. Thus, a line is a line when determining a positive HPT. OPK's work differently. An OPK has a control line and a test line, just like an HPT. Unlike an HPT, however, the mere presence of a test line does not mean the test.

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Alright, First off using a opk for a hpt DOES work! The downside however of seeing a positive opk before a hpt positive is that an opk can pick up a chemical pregnancy, which basically is a pregnancy, it just ends in an early miscarriage. (0 replies Today's Posts; Member List; Calendar; Forum; PCOS Treatments and Conditions; Infertility and Trying to Conceive; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

Cd22 bfn then bfp. 4,17. Got lots of BFN till Wed afternoon and got a double BFP with 2 types of tests Thur morning! Posted 7/27/05 8:56 PM Dec 12, 2008 · BFN- massive fat unfavourable, BFP- massive fat helpful, BD- infant Dance(To make desire to conceive), AF-Aunt Flo(instructions) TWW-2 weeks wait (the two stressful weeks u wait placed up ovulation to appreciate if u are pregnant. This is what is happing to me im 11dpo today and i Od on the week of 1/14/13-1/19/13 but i got my +opk on 1/16/13 so i bd on01/13, 1 I tested BFN at 10 and 11dp3dt. 007 seconds) 10 Dpo Bfn. 2/20/2019 at 7:44 AM. 3 E-Ink Device Took progesterone to induce period last month, clomid cd 5-9, tested opk cd's 13-16 as per Dr, but were negative. Gave up and went out of town with DH on cd's 17-20, did not take opk's. Ewcm on cd 17, much more on cd 18, and cervix was open and soft. Assumed ovulation on cd 19??? Should have started af on Sunday, called Dr yesterday after bfn 16 dpo bfn success stories. net ar; In the spring the Iroquois netted, and in the winter fishing holes were made in the ice. Women in society. resurrecturis. Success Stories Disclaimer: The information on Natural Fertility Info. Dec 23, 2020 · First appointment with RE is set for January 31!I started POAS from 6dp5dt transfer using FRER each.

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14 dpo bfn any hope. 14 DPO BFN: how accurate pregnancy test results are on this day. Lie on your back and bring one knee up to your chest. All DPO 1 dpo 2 dpo 3 dpo 4 dpo 5 dpo 6 dpo 7 dpo 8 dpo 9 dpo 10 dpo 11 dpo 12 dpo 13 dpo 14 dpo 15 dpo 16 dpo 17 dpo 18 dpo 19 dpo 20 dpo So these are less than ten minutes apart after a very negative opk this morning. 11 hours ago · 1dpo Symptoms And. OPK definition. This page explains what the acronym OPK means. The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. If you would like to suggest a term or an update to an existing one, please let us. And hcg then takes 48 hours to get to detectable levels after I always had a positive on 8dpo, negative at 9dpo, then it turned back positive at 10-11dpo. 11 dpo for me here and with FMU on a FRER. I got positive opk aug2-5, but I kno i ovulated the 5th (cd18). -14861; Artist Isisip; Album My music collection (remastered 2017) BFN today (11 dpo)

10 Dpo Clearblue Digital - Digital Photos and DescriptionsTrying to Conceive Forum • View topic - OPK Tests (WTH?!)