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  2. By alvin421, 7 years ago on Tropical Fish. I have an Electric Blue Crayfish carrying eggs. But when I checked her today, she drops almost all of her eggs. Those eggs seems almost hatched because you can see the legs of babies. And even there is some very very small babies lay on the bottom of tank. I have filter in tank but the bot of tank.
  3. Crayfish will mate in captivity, however it is difficult for all species to produce eggs. The procambarus alleni also known as the Florida electric blue crayfish can produce babies in aquariums right at home. Shown in this picture is a male and female crayfish mating : The male crayfish has to be in the correct form to mate..

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Crayfish are omnivorous so if you have live plants in your tank they are going to eat them. Most shrimp are fine to keep with these guys because they are fast and stay out of the way of the Electric Blue Crayfish. They enjoy logs to hide under, driftwood and rock shelters The male crayfish will mate with the female and deposit a sack of sperm on the female. Then the female crayfish will pass her eggs through that sperm sack and throughout the process, the eggs will get fertilized. The fertilized eggs will be placed under the female's tail until they are hatched into little crayfish babies So I got an electric blue crayfish on September 22nd and she was almost 3 inches long. When I first got her I had her in a 10 gallon and it wasn't really the best living situation due to the tank size and if I'm being honest it was pretty dirty. since I was more occupied with my community fish tank Procambarus alleni are more commonly known as Blue lobsters, Florida crayfish, Electric blue crayfish, Everglades crayfish, Sapphire crayfish, and Blue Crayfish. The variety kept and sold in aquariums is primarily a brilliant blue color, but they can also be white, red and brown, especially in the wild. Blue crayfish is a very hardy species Blue LOBSTER Crawfish EGGS get Home AQUARIUM!Leave a comment, Like, & DON'T forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! BOOYAH! SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL here!..

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Electric Blue Crayfish (Procambarus alleni, aka freshwater lobsters) are more hardy andadaptable than Cherax crayfish and have lower care requirements, making them idealfor beginners to crayfish. Use caution when keeping big crayfish. The general rule with crayfish in aquariums withlive fish and other tankmates is: if it can catch it, it WILL. For many years, the Electric Blue Acara has been an extremely popular choice for those with a South American cichlid aquarium.Not only is the fish blessed with absolutely beautiful looks, but the Blue Acara is also one of the more peaceful of the cichlids, making it a good choice for a community tank of similar-sized, amenable species The number of eggs laid varies with female size and condition, but large red swamp or white river crawfish females can have more than 500 eggs. Figure 2. Crawfish eggs are typically laid and fertilised in the burrow where they become attached to the swimmerets on the underside of the female's tail Posted March 3, 2009. I was at the pet store today and they had 2 electric blue crayfish so I bought them both. I already have one in a fish tank in Lucas bedroom, and Cadie wanted one in her turtle tank. I only needed one for Cadie but since they had 2 at the store I took them both

Cannibalism from other crayfish can be a problem, too. Too many in a small area, or lack of a place to hide when they shed their exoskeleton can lead to this untimely death. What do I do when my crayfish has eggs? First, you must decide if you want to dedicate time, effort, and money to try to save the baby crayfish when they hatch The female Electric Blue Dragon™ Crayfish will produce between fifty and several hundred one-sixteenth-inch dark brown to black eggs (berries), which she will carry between her swimmerets. The eggs will hatch around 21 days later and the young crayfish may remain attached to the female for another week or so This listing is for a juvenile Electric Blue Crayfish, so it will be a younger and smaller crayfish at a lower price than our young adult specimens (and much smaller than the photos in this listing, about half an inch to an inch in length). This is a particularly fast-growing, hardy species and will usually grow well into adult size and coloration within 1 to 3 months New Merch - https://www.rawwfishing.comBest seller - https://rawwfishing.com/collections/merchandise/products/rawwfishing-long-sleeve-youth-dry-fit-shirt----..

Species name: Procambarus alleni Common Names: Electric Blue Crayfish, Florida Crayfish Family: Cambaridae Order: Decapoda Class: Malacostraca Max. size: Upto 7-8 inches Coloration: Generally entire body is blue.Some will show red sides or speckling throughout the underbellies. Back plates are often speckled blue with lighter and darker patches BLUE CRAYFISH ELECTRIC BLUE CRAYFISH (Procambarus alleni) CARE: The blue crayfish (also known as the Electric Blue Lobster) is very popular with aquarium keepers due to the bright blue colouration, which was achieved through selective breeding. The wild type is reddish brown The blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni), sometimes called the electric blue crayfish, the sapphire crayfish, or the Florida crayfish, is a species of freshwater crayfish endemic to Florida in the United States. Its natural range is the area east of St. Johns River and all of Florida from Levy County and Marion County southwards, as well as on some of the Florida Keys corydora eggs! Corydora Electric Blue Crayfish. Crayfish two fantails and a dwarf crayfish! 3. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. Vote. Posted by 1 hour ago. Finneas when I first got her, as you can see, massive glow up since then. Vote. 4 comments Blue Crayfish with eggs 9/5/12 Hi, lately my electric blue stopped being as active and stopped eating. At this point I hadn't discovered your site and since I have I have learned a lot about my pet. She is in a 10 gallon tank with two caves

But, electric blue crayfish, also known as blue lobsters, Florida crayfish, and blue crawfish, can also be found in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Also, in May of 2020, The Ohio Division of Wildlife announced they discovered a new species of blue crayfish in Monroe County, Ohio. It is a. Electric Blue Crayfish Description Latin Name: Procambarus alleni. Adult Size: 15cm to 20cm. Average Life Span: 2 to 3 years. Native Distribution: East of St. Johns River and all of peninsular Florida in and south of Levy and Marion counties; also present on some of the Keys. Physical Description: A small to medium sized crayfish. Wild specimens are usually brown with some blue or red flecks. So my electric blue crayfish I Has eggs again she's definitely firtle and the eggs look like there about to hatch do you think they are I know that they stay on her after they hatch the eggs look a little brown has white and some black I can't get s picture from the angle I am at and one more thing is it safe to put her into this it's a different cray in there Is it safe to go and look. Electric blue crayfish babies yay Electric blue crayfish babies yay. By nicole, May 28, 2007 in I just noticed my electric blue female is holding now. I'm assuming they are fertilized as she is in a 15G with the male. It takes a while for the eggs to turn to little crays. If i remember correctly at least 3-4 weeks and dependant upon the.

The Electric Blue Crayfish hails from Florida, specifically areas east of St. Johns River, various locations south of Levy and Marion Counties, and even some of the Florida Keys. In fact, they are the only crayfish species native to the state of Florida. Alternative names for this crayfish include the Blue Crayfish, Everglade Crayfish, and. My electric blue lobsters just had a big clutch of eggs. i was going to seperate the female prior to hatching but missed it. To collect the babies i used a regular siphon vaccumm and strained through a breeder net. took some time to seperate the fry from the debris but in the end ended up with about 150 tiny babies 15 Gal Electric Blue Crayfish Breeding Tank 15 Gal Platy Breeding Tank (3) 15 Gal Planted RCS Tanks 10 Gal Planted Golden Mystery Snail Breeding Tank 10 Gal Planted RCS Tank 10 Gal Swordtail Tank 10 Gal Endler Tank 5 Gal RCS Display Tank 4 15 Gal RCS Tanks (Waiting to stock) 2 20 Gal Longs (Waiting to stock

Finding the right blue crayfish tank mates isn't always easy. And for beginning crayfish keepers, it might not be easy at all. Sometimes people starting out with a pet crayfish lose a number of fish simply because they pick tank mates that just don't work well with crayfish The exoskeleton covers the entire body except for the underside, and is usually a shade of brown and red but also a blue variety popular in the aquarium trade; called electric blue crayfish (which are pretty cool!). Crayfish have 2 antennae and eyes on the outside of their head. Crayfish can regenerate lost limbs The blue lobster that is found in aquarium hobby is actually not a true lobster, but rather a blue color crayfish. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to them as blue lobster. Like its name suggest, the Blue lobster is blue in color and shades of blue vary from bright electric blue to a duller bluish white

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  1. Crayfish are some of the hardiest livestock that freshwater has to offer. Other names for this invertebrate are the Electric Blue Crayfish, Sapphire Crayfish, or Florida Crayfish. This crayfish species has been selectively bred for the aquarium hobby for years to bring out its brilliant blue color
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  3. d that crayfish need a good source of calcium so they can have healthy molts

The Electric Blue Crayfish is an awesome pet. They can live up to 20 years with proper care. MORE The female will care for her eggs and after hatching, the young will ride around on her for a couple of weeks. To encourage breeding there are a few things you can do , such as give them places to hide like caves and lots of plants.. No crayfish, native or otherwise, can be possessed, sold or transported, including some popular aquarium species like the Electric Blue Crayfish (Procambarus paeninsulanus) and the Mexican Dwarf Crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis). With the proper license, up to fifty crayfish can be harvested per angler per day from Pennsylvania water but. Procamarus alleni (Florida Lobster): The optimal temperature range for the electric blue crayfish is between 68° to 80° F. Depending on the temperature, juveniles can shed every couple of days. Cherax Destructor (Australian Crayfish): Commonly known as Yabbies, these crayfish have a wide temperature tolerance Electric Blue Crayfish will survive in water with a pH of 7.0-8.0 and require clean water (regular partial water changes). If a pair of these crayfish is kept together, successful breeding will likely occur. The female carries the eggs (up to 100 eggs!) on her swimmerettes (tiny leg- like appendages under the tail) for about 30 days until they.

Electric blue acaras can lay up to 150 - 300 eggs during one spawning session and may be ready to breed again after two weeks - enough time to care for the newly delivered brood -with the partners remaining faithful to one another. The fertilized eggs undergo incubation for about 4 - 7 days Electric Blue Crayfish (Procambarus alleni, aka crawdad) are hardy specimens and care iseasy. Basic aquarium supplies required, including a filter, such as a whisper filter or polyfilter. Caution should be exercised when keeping an xlarge crayfish as a pet Electric Blue Acara Breeding. Electric Blue Acara breeding is something that pretty much anyone can do. Unlike a lot of their relatives, the mellow nature of this fish plays a big part in the high success rate that breeders have with them. Once these fish have reached the 4-5 inch mark in their growth they're able to breed Electric Blue Lobsters. $4.99 ea.*. The Electric Blue Lobster is really not a lobster at all, but, a crayfish. It is a stunningly blue color with, on some, pink spots. This crayfish is easy to care for and can live up to 5 years under good conditions. It prefers a cave or good areas to hide in the tank and as it gets older, becomes somewhat. 5.4. Safe Nitrate Levels in the Aquarium Predicate. All discussions of research papers on nitrate must be predicated with a caution. The 10 ppm of nitrate of the scientists, (the Hach test kit and the Lamotte test kit) is a 44 ppm test level of nitrate via the normal aquarium test kits (API aquarium test kit, the Seachem Multitest kit, the Sera Nitrate test, the Salifert test kit and the.

The dwarf crayfish I find are quite good with fish, and I've had limited success with electric blue crayfish. But I've also seen some that terrorize the tank. Unfertilized eggs often succumb to fungus, so if they eggs aren't fertilized, you may quickly lose all of the crayfish eggs to fungus. Reply. Amaros says. November 21, 2015 at 1. 3. Fill the tank with fresh, well-balanced water. Crayfish prefer water with a neutral pH (around 7.0). Ideally, the temperature of the water should remain somewhere between 70-75 °F (21-24 °C). You should have no problem keeping the water at the right temperature if you've set up your tank indoors Crayfish as Pets! My Electric Blue Boy | Random Bits of Projects. Last Update: January, 2010. Several months ago I added ghost shrimp. The crayfish leaves them alone but will eat any that die. A few weeks ago I added snails (from a trusted source to try to avoid disease). They are happily cleaning the algae and one even cleaned the crayfish

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Cherax quadricarinatus and friends!. Common Names: Australian red claw crayfish, Redclaw crayfish, Blue lobster, Blue crayfish, Blue yabby, Electric blue lobster, Electric blue crayfish, North Queensland Yabby, Queensland Redclaw, Cherax Quad. Origin: Australia, also found in Papua New Guinea. Lifespan: Four to five years The Electric Blue Crayfish is native to Florida, notably the places east of the St. Johns River, various sites south of Levy and Marion Counties, and even the Florida Keys. This crayfish is also known as the Blue Crayfish, Everglade Crayfish, and Florida Crayfish Blue Clams are tough specimens that are often found in home aquariums. They can range in color, but are usually a vibrant, electric blue around their shell's opening. 83. Blue Moor Frogs. Blue Moor Frogs are usually reddish brown in color. However, during the breeding season, the male frogs will change colors to a bright blue for a few days. 84

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Blue crayfish are used to warmer and more tropical climates, and like most freshwater creatures, they prefer temperatures that stay in a stable range. The ideal water temperature for your Crayfish should range between 65 °F to 75 °F (18 to 24 °C), with 70 °F (21 °C) as the preferred average Electric blue crayfish are thought about hereditary curiosities. Common crayfish are colored brownish. Blue crayfish are in fact missing a gene, which is what produces the spectacular blue shade. If you have some of these little guys in bondage, you must take into consideration feeding them sinking pellets

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  1. These antennae are used to help the crayfish smell their surroundings and taste their food. These cups are injected with medical grade oxygen before they are placed in a box and
  2. The Thunderbolt Snakeskin Crayfish (Cherax pulcher x C. boesemani) is a hybrid of two exceptionally colorful species that are native to Western Papua New Guinea. Deep blue and tan shades are distinctly shown on this crayfish, as is the striking pink coloration that is typical of the Thunderbolt Crayfish
  3. If you could provide hiding spots that would be too small for the blue crayfish to enter, then you might be more successful. Also, I wouldn't add it if the size difference is too extreme. A very large electric blue crayfish might simply hunt down a smaller one like the Mexican dwarf crayfish
  4. The experiments were performed by the student research group setting the breeding system for the crayfish together with the hatchery. Breeding behaviours and all the proper environmental factors have been studied. The student research group[/caption] The Electric blue crayfish is one of the most remarkable freshwater ornamental species
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How Blue Crawfish Breed. During the mating act, the male initiates copulation, and the Blue Crawfish will clean each other as part of the mating ritual. After mating, the eggs are carried in the female pleopods. The eggs normally hatch in about 4 weeks. They emerge as miniature versions of adults, though lacking reproductive organs Neptune, my electric blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni), lives in a 55 gallon tank with a small selection of plants, 2 gold Gouramis, 2 blue Gouramis, a large Plecostomus (Jacques), a dinosaur eel (Scuttlebutt), a baby whale fish, and a temporarily small Arowana Electric Blue Crayfish is of a typical large cray shape, heavily armoured, and long clawed. Brilliant blues persist longer into maturity than in Cherax quadricarinatus. Ownership, import and export of Procamberus alleni is illegal in the UK, Caresheet for reference only, ownership could see you prosecuted. Tank Requirements

Customer Comments crayfish love to stir the sand at the bottom. If you feed them well and keep them warm they may lay eggs. the male (who can be easily told from the female by its odd leg shape front pair of swimmerets) will flip the female (with tiny front swimmers but large middle ones) then the female will hide its eggs under its tail The electric blue crayfish is one of the most remarkable freshwater ornamental species. It has an amazing splash of brilliant blue colour that is sure to draw attention to aquarists making them.

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  1. EBA for $15 and BA for $10 or $20 for both. Most of them are fully grown few smaller ones. Biggest around 4 inch all together 14-16 fish healthy and there is a breeding pair don't know witch one do. preferably will sell all of them together. $185.00 buyer responsible for transport container. Individual $14.00 each
  2. Crayfish eat fish, shrimp, water plants, worms, insects, snails, plankton, and more. Betta fish can eat most fish food. These fillers are often found in many pellet and flake foods and can lead to excess bloat. Betta fish are wonderful and adorable pets, and the babies are even cuter
  3. Blue jays can feed on almost anything from branches, plants, leaves, flowers and fruits, to worms, chicks of other birds, insects or even human refuse. They build their nests on almost any tree species. Once built, the blue jay will lay a maximum of 5 eggs which incubate within 15 days
  4. Ram cichlid (lat. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) is a small, good looking, peaceful fish. Although it was discovered 30 years later than it's relative bolivian ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) but it is a butterfly cichlid that is widely known and sold.. Though, both these cichlids are dwarf ones, the blue ram is smaller in size then the bolivian ram and it growth up to 5 cm of body length

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3. Pentaradial symmetry in adults, bilateral symmetry in larval forms. Pentaradial symmetry useful for a sessile life, similar to those with radial symmetry, like sea anemone or jellyfish. 4. Most have oral and aboral surface, mouth on bottom is oral, anus and madreporite on top is aboral AquaFood. www.aquafood.co.uk. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers The female crayfish carries her eggs underneath her tail, and the correct term for that is berrying. The number of eggs produced depends on the size of the crayfish and the suitability of the environment in which she is kept, and numbers can range from 50 to several hundred eggs. Electric Blue crayfish can make a fascinating and novel. The big difference between the two crayfish is an electric blue gets bigger and they are all blue and a vibrant blue. Whereas the marlbes are usually red and blue. It is much better to have a crayfish in a crayfish only tank if you want the babies to survive besides they are a coldwater species too and you don't need to have them in a tropical.

The Blue Crayfish can be found in reference books with the latin name of Procambarus alleni, it has many common names including Florida crayfish, Everglades crayfish or even the Blue lobster. There is even an electric blue crayfish that displays a magnificent bright blue colouration Breeding crayfish. 1. If they are not already together, place a female in the males aquarium. 2. Mating usually starts within the first 5 minutes but be patient. The female does not usually initiate copulation, so the male will initiate copulation. As part of the mating process the male will flip the female over and mount Scientific Name: Procambarus Alleni Common Name: Blue Lobster, Blue Crayfish, Everglade Crayfish, and Florida Crayfish Adult Size: 6 inches Life Expectancy: 1 - 2 years Habitat: Florida Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons Ideal Tank Conditions: pH : 6.5 - 8.0 Temperature : 55°F - 70°F Water Hardness : 3° to 10° Temperament: Highly territorial and aggressiv These crustaceans are so lovable, like literally. They are freshwater crayfish. I got this electric blue one two weeks ago and it was a brand new experience. This is actually my fourth crayfish, the first one being a red, second was a white, and the third was a blue. Wow the one I have now is certainly the most responsive. Mine is a guy by the way Life cycle. The male and the female mate. The female lays hundreds of eggs. The female will hold the eggs under her long swimmeretes. The eggs hatch in about 2-20 weeks. A small crayfish emerges which has all the same structures of an adult crayfish. The crayfish leaves its mothers protection in 1-2 weeks after it hatches from the egg

Update - Editor's Note - The Blue Knight Lobster, Cherax destructor, should not be confused with the more common Electric Blue Lobster or Electric Blue Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii. via US FWS Notice to Importers & Exporters, October 31, 2016. Ban on Importation and Interstate Transport of 10 Freshwater Fish and 1 Crayfish Specie Dear Blue Lobster: I have had my crayfish for just about two years. Today we found him laying upside down in the tank. When we went to get him thinking he was dead he started walking around. Then a few momoents later he was on his side again. I am guessing he is coming to an end? Anyone ever had this happen The eggs of the hobbyist's all-female crayfish did not need to be fertilized. They simply grew into copies of their mother—in a process known as parthenogenesis. Crayfish specialists.

The blue crayfish (also known as electric blue freshwater lobster) is the most colorful freshwater creature, often reclusive by nature. This specific crayfish is highly active and spends hours digging the floor of the aquarium floor. They are omnivorous scavengers and eat any meat or plant-based food Electric Blue Crayfish can get ill just like any other creature in your tank. The fish inhabits in Central and South America: Columbia, Venezuela, Trinidad. The fish both (male and female) usually display darker coloration; this is an indication of their readiness to spawn. Electric blue acaras can lay up to 150 - 300 eggs during one. So my blue crayfish overnight laid eggs. I woke up and saw some eggs on the gravel floor and also some still attached to her she wasn't like this yesterday and I assume because they are not attached they are not fertile right? I read they are suppose to stay under her until they molt two times but this just happened overnight and they are. Blue Marron Blue Marron. Common Name: Blue Marron Scientific Name: Cherax cainii Size: Can grow to 20cm or more Distribution: Cherax destructor is the most widely distributed Cherax species in Australia, and ranges through parts of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and even the Northern Territory. Temperature: From 8°C-25°C.Best at 12°C - 20°C

The females carry their eggs just like dwarf shrimp. Young cray's will canablize each other so you should provide them with a lot of hiding places. PVC pipe or Cholla Wood works well as hiding places for young crayfish and those who have recently molted. Appearance. They are a light to dark blue/grey color depending on the individual and their. Blue Yabby ( Cherax destructor) Blue Yabby (. Cherax destructor. ) Water quality requirements of blue yabbies: Temperature: Yabbies are adapted to a higher temperature range than marron and thrive in the warmer, drier inland regions. Yabbies do not grow at winter water temperatures below 15 ̊C and grow best at 28 ̊C. Growth ceases over 34 ̊C Electric Blue Crayfish baby's/Crawfish/Crawdad FREE SHIPPING. $20.00. Free shipping. 19 watching. 25 Live Gambusia Mosquito Aquarium Pond Feeder Fish Guppy Trumpet Snails Food. $23.99. Free shipping. Only 1 left! 30+ Live Mystery Tadpoles Tree Frogs, Common Green, Toads, Pickerel and Peepers

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Blue crayfish. Blue Crayfish - The blue crayfish, sometimes called the electric blue crayfish, the sapphire crayfish, or the Florida crayfish, is a species of freshwater crayfish endemic to Florida in the United States. 36. Blue Dacni My blue crayfish- symptoms when he is about to molt? Discussion in ' Freshwater Fish ' started by Kevin_E , May 5, 2009 . Join 3reef now to remove this notice and enjoy 3reef content with less ads. 3reef membership is free We have our blue lobster (actually a crayfish) in a 5.5 gallon tank. He's about 4 1/2 total right now. We had him for about 5 months and he has molted twice so far. When we first got him he was about 2 and in the 55 gallon aquarium, until we caught him catching and eating the other fish haha

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In the future, make sure the crayfish (they are actually a species of crayfish, not a true lobster) have places they can hide where other fish cannot get at them. Other than that, give them sinking food (I use reconstituted shrimp pellets). I have a large Blue male and a smaller Marble colored female in my tank right now While the electric blue crayfish is the most commonly kept look-alike, there are 4 different species you can choose from. 1. Red Lobster It is the only time she is ready to mate and have her eggs fertilized. Once that is done, move her back to her tank to lay eggs and wait for her shell to harden again Electric blue crayfish - Research will evaluate stocking densities, feeding protocol, harvesting schedules, and production potential for culture of electric blue crayfish in non-forage based earthen ponds. Secondly, methods for controlled indoor spawning and culture of instar larvae will be developed following comparative studies

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Crustateanslike shrimps and lobsters. They all have chitan shells. This substance is also in bird beaks and toeshigh in ducks. The stuff is ONLY in. The blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni), sometimes called the electric blue crayfish, the sapphire crayfish, or the Florida crayfish, is a species of freshwater crayfish endemic to Florida in the United States. Its natural range is the area east of St The blue crayfish (sometimes called electric blue or freshwater blue lobster for its vivid shading) is a freshwater aquarium pet that hobbyists can enjoy at home. Blue LOBSTER Crawfish EGGS get Home AQUARIUM!Leave a comment, Like, & DON'T forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! The Mexican crayfish locally named acocil was a very important nutrition source of the ancient Mexican Aztec. Langostino Actually, langostino is Spanish for little lobster. Although langostino's taste and texture are similar to lobster meat, langostino is not the crustacean which is neither a true lobster nor a prawn. Crayfish Crayfish are freshwater cr..