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  2. A 16-year-old male asked: whats the cause of a lump in the tongue.it looks like a normal tongue but when you pinch it a little hard pea sized bump is movable. im 16 no tobacco. Dr. Robert Killian answered 28 years experience General Practic
  3. Pea size lump in my tongue 12 Jun 2019 19:09 in response to Annieloe Hi Annieloe, What a pity that you couldn't get your results before you went on your cruise. this must have put a bit of a damper on your holiday. Still, it's great to hear that your lump turned out to be benign in the end
  4. Pea sized lump in my tongue Around 5 years ago a lump developed in my tongue that was tender to touch i told my mum (i was 12 at the time) but she said not to worry, eventually after a few weeks or so the swelling went down and didnt hurt i can feel the lump in my tongue now still its the size of a garden pea
  5. Second Opinion: Lumps on the floor of the mouth that last longer than 7-10 days without healing should be checked by a dentist or oral pathologist. See an oral surgeon or oral pathologist for evaluation and opinion. 2013 view
  6. tongue piercing tiny crumb sized lump under my tongue A small nodule has appeared on my tongue about the size of a small baby pea Random lumps near crotch & in between thigh and the rest Lump on eyebrow Is my tongue piercing infected? Tongue piercing growth tongue pierced on friday and its now monday Please advise, I have a tiny lump near.

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  1. Lump under tongue. PuffMama. Hi....I have a small pea sized lump under my tongue on the right side. It's located in the valley of my mouth between the floor of the tongue and the gum line. It is below the tissue. It is painless and has there for 2 years or so. It has not gotten larger
  2. Also, this would be an unusual place for a malignant tumour of a salivary gland. Eight out of 10 salivary gland lumps occur in the parotid gland (the gland in front of the ear and the side of the mouth that usually swells up with mumps). Furthermore, 8 out of 10 of parotid gland swellings are non-cancerous (benign)
  3. A salivary gland tumor that forms in the sublingual gland can lead to a lump or swelling under the tongue or near the jaw. Generally, if the tumor develops in a smaller salivary gland, there is a..
  4. Roof of the mouth With your head tilted back and mouth open wide, your dentist will look to see if there are any lumps or if there is any change in colour. They will run their finger on the roof of your mouth to feel for any lumps
  5. You have lymph nodes in your armpits and neck (especially under your jaw, behind your ears and at the base of your skull), as well as in the groin. Why they pop up Swollen nodes are usually due to..
  6. If you have a smooth, soft lump on the inner surface of your lower lip, on your tongue, or anywhere else inside your mouth, it might be a mucous cyst. Sometimes, mucous cysts can happen on other parts of the body. People also call these cysts mucoceles. Mucous cysts are just what they sound like

Hi I have a pea size lump under the left side of my tongue just on the floor of my mouth ,it's not visible but I can feel it .if I roll my tongue it feels bigger but then it feels as if it's popped if I press on it with my tongue .totaly painless .thankyo Dear Doctor, A little over a year ago I noticed a pea-sized (perhaps smaller) hard immoveable lump sort of under my tongue. It's on the inward surface of my lower jaw, about halfway between the front of the jaw and the side, where the jawbone makes a sharp corner. It is sort of in the corner of my mouth, between my gums and the bottom part of my mouth What is the pea sized lump under the tongue? MD Hi I have a pea size lump under the left side of my tongue just on the floor of my mouth ,it s not visible but I can feel it .if I roll my tongue it feels bigger but then it feels as if.. These lumps are actually lymph nodes that have become temporarily enlarged as they fight off infection. After the infection clears, the lymph nodes return to their normal size and the lumps go away. On the other hand, a lump that occurs without an infection or persists long after an infection resolves may be a sign of throat cancer Hello, I have noticed a small pea-sized bump on the floor of my mouth below my tongue. It is not painful, soft but firm (not squishy), and movable with my tongue. It IS NOT visible to the eye, but I can feel it under the skin with the tip of my tongue and move it back and forth

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A small lump behind ears often described by many people as a pea-sized lump. The lump itself may be located behind the earlobe, slightly below the ear of on the bone behind the ear. The pea-sized lump or bump, which may be hard or fleshy, is usually caused by small epidermoid or sebaceous cysts or swollen lymph nodes According to the CDC's report, these lumps typically appear two to four days after your vaccination, but only last about one to two days. Based on the CDC's findings, this vaccine side effect is quite rare If the bump is under the tongue another possibility is that of a mandibular torus. It represents extra bone that most often occurs on the tongue-side of the lower jaw or on the roof of the mouth. A clinical examination is necessary. You should get yourself reviewed by an ENT specialist A cyst on the tongue presents as a lump under the surface of the tongue. A cyst on the tongue can cause difficulties with swallowing or breathing if they protrude from the surface and grow too large. A cyst on the tongue can become infected.Other possibility is a condition called transient lingual papillitis

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A lump on finger or finger joint is usually small (pea sized), hard and painful under the skin. It is an indication of various conditions but a finger joint lump is typically a ganglion cyst. Explore facts, pictures, causes, signs and symptoms, how to get rid of, prevention, diagnosis, treatments and home remedies Please post a couple of good quality photos of the lesion. In my State Dental Journal, the editors include a Case of the Month. It is typically an oral Pathology case. They give a complete description of the patient (personal history, medical h.. I've had a lump about the size of a marble, under the left side of my tongue for about 2 months. It has a pea-sized thing that looks like what I call a blood blister - kind of clear, with dark fluid in it. (Geeze this sounds gross.) I've stuck a pin all the way through the thing 3 times now

A few days ago I noticed this lump under my tongue. It is soft but firm. It doesn't usually hurt but there is some slight pain if I keep touching it with my tongue. I have no idea what it is. Mouth cancer is vey unlikely because I'm 18. I think it might be a swollen sublingual salivary gland but I don't know. I'd be very grateful for any. Lymph nodes under the tongue, just like those occurring in other parts of the body, are often small, pea-sized. They can be felt as small lumps under the skin. Lymph nodes on either side of the tongue can be felt in the neck. Swollen glands under the tongue on one side are easily noticeable due to the increase in size Tongue cancer is a form of cancer that begins in the cells of the tongue. Several types of cancer can affect the tongue, but tongue cancer most often begins in the thin, flat squamous cells that line the surface of the tongue. The type of cells involved in your tongue cancer helps determine your prognosis and treatment Lumps and Bumps. Diagnosis involves gathering data from the patientís history, clinical examination, and testing; interpreting the data that is obtained; then, formulating a differential diagnosis7. Having an appropriate differential diagnosis will help to guide proper referral and treatment. This article will give a framework to create a. So it is an unknown source. After surgery I had 30 treatments of 180 rads a day. I went in for all of my check-ups for 8 years I was clear of any lumps. (September 2010) Then I find another lump just under my left jaw. The ENT spotted or I should say felt a lump on the back of my tongue. He removed a piece of it to have biopsied

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Many things can cause a bump on the roof your mouth, including a canker sore or a cyst. Most causes are harmless. 1. Torus palatinus. Torus palatinus is a bony growth in the middle of the hard. The lump in my neck was a lymph node that became swollen because of how the disease was affecting my entire body. To fight the cancer, I'd need to start chemo right away Lipomas due to Dercum's disease can develop anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the arms, legs, and trunk. 3  Dercum's patients often describe the pain as burning or aching in nature. Though fibromyalgia doesn't cause lipomas, it is well-known for similar and widespread pain. Dercum's disease is also associated with symptoms. Swellings or actual lumps can occur at the bottom of testicle, above testicle, or right testicle regions only. Anywhere your fingers can reach and palpitate you might uncover a lump. Sometimes the top of testicles is more challenging to feel. With the following conditions, you might feel a painful lump, a pea-sized lump on testicle or a mass

hard - pea sized lump in throat . By katie**69555 Angelica Giron, MD answered this Common Non-Cancerous Lumps Under the Skin . Read more. New Reply Follow New Topic. katie**69555 over a year ago. I have a hard, small lump in my throat, about 1inch up from the hollow in between my collarbone.. 5 Year Old with a Pea-sized Lump on Tongue. Hello moms, last week Thursday I noticed a pea-sized lump on the left side of my son's tongue. He told me it doesn't hurt and that he didn't even know it was there until I said something. His primary doctor didn't know what it was and referred us to an ENT. The ENT doctor recommends removing the lump

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  1. Also, lumps that develop in your groin can be large or small-pea size, and may grow or remain in the same size. Groin lump in women may be hard or movable depending on the underlying cause. The lump could appear as one or in a group. Lumps that appear in women's groin area under skin may be sore, red, swollen and painful causing even movement.
  2. You could notice large bumps on tongue, a painful bump on tongue or a painless white bump on tongue or a hard spot on tongue. Tongue bumps can also be red, yellow, and a cluster, single, on the side of the tongue, at the back of the tongue near the throat, under tongue or on the tip of the tongue
  3. As well as causing lumps on either side of your neck, lymph nodes are located in your armpits, under the jaw, in the groin, and above your collarbone. Thyroid nodules Either fluid-filled or solid, thyroid nodules are usually harmless, but they can indicate an autoimmune disorder or cancer
  4. The problem is, I've been noticing a sharp pain under my tongue when food touches it. Had a look and there's a lump, almost pea sized under my tongue. It looks like one of my saliva glands is swollen near where the tooth was taken out. Am now worried something's been damaged when the tooth was pulled
  5. Lump on jawline. 4 months ago. Asked for Male, 22 Years. I have noticed a pea sized movable lump on the left side of my cheek on the left jawline. It causes no pain and is movable. It is from 2 years and size is almost constant I think

Most lumps are normal. Most people get lumps and growths on their skin at some point. They can be caused by many things. They can: be soft or hard to touch. move around. be the size of a pea or a golf ball. be a lump under the skin or a growth that hangs off your skin Pea-sized lump below adam's apple creeping me out... thyroid nodule? It moves up and down when I swallow or move my tongue, but it isn't hard and is slightly move-able. The lump is NOT my adams apple (my adams apple is not prominent at all). I have a small solid lump right under my Adam's Apple, very alight to the (my) left.. What are lumps under the skin ?There are a number of skin conditions that cause lumps and bumps to appear on the surface or just below the skin. This video e..

Pea sized lumps in the neck area are mostly due to the small, bean shaped lymph nodes present throughout the body. These lumps appear due to some infection like- cold, bronchitis, tonsillitis etc. but they are usually harmless. Sponsored link. The main reasons of swelling/lumps around neck are-. Cold Furthermore, a painful lump under jaw line or sore lump on jawline can also be caused by head and neck lymph node problems i.e. tonsillar (near ear), submandibular (on side of your lower jaw) or submental lymph nodes (when the lump is near your chin). Furthermore, acne, especially cystic jaw line acne could also be responsible for the sore lump. A swollen lymph node feels like a small, soft bump under the skin in the groin, armpit, neck, under the jaw and chin, behind the ears, or on the back of the head. Enlarged lymph nodes range in size from a pea to a grape. Swollen glands often feel tender to the touch and can be uncomfortable Lump under side of jaw. Firstly I am not a cancer survivior, but I thought if anyone would know if I am being paroniod it would be people on this site. Over the last, about 6 months, I have noticed that on the right hand side of my jaw, pretty much right in the middle from your chin to when your jaw kinda joins your neck, I have a lump

Red lump in the back of throat. Red lump in the back of throat can mean anything from swollen tonsils, abscess, to an inflamed tongue and soft tissues inside the mouth in rare cases, however, the lump can be a sign of something serious that may need to be checkout as soon as possible Lumps just under the ear often represent a lump in the parotid gland. Thankfully most of these lumps are benign but may require surgical intervention. These lumps will require investigation by a Head and Neck Surgeon who uses an expert radiologist and cytologist in order to come to the correct diagnosis and offer the patient an appropriate.

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A mucocele, also known as a mucous cyst, is a clear or bluish bump that can be found on the lips, floor or roof of the mouth, tongue or salivary gland. Mucus builds up in the gland, leading to a round, fluid-filled bump or growth they may get in the way of chewing, speaking, swallowing, and in some cases, breathing (usually not) This morning I noticed a pea-sized lump on one of Max's ribs on the left side, mid body It's beneath the skin. It's on the underlying tissue. It can be moved a little but bounces back in a rubbery fashion. We went walking in the woods yesturday but I think it's still too cold for insects. He's oblivious to it. Ja Common Types of Lumps on Dogs. As Petco mentions, lumps or bumps can often be categorized into two classifications: skin growths and tumors. Skin Growths. A skin growth is a benign (non-cancerous) lump of tissue that projects out from the surrounding skin. Below are some of the more common skin growths on dogs


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  1. Based on the location, it can be from your submandibular gland (a salivary gland) or a lymph node. If its from the salivary gland, then it can be due to inflammation (acute or chronic sialadenitis) or a tumor. If it's a tumor, it can be benign lik..
  2. A pea sized lump in armpit usually means you have a swollen lymph node under arms. Your lymph nodes are parts of the lymphatic system and fight off bacteria and infections. If you have noticed a lump developing in your armpit, don't panic
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  4. Lymph nodes are the most common lumps that parent notice and worry about. Most parents find lymph nodes in the neck area but can also notice them around the ears and at the back of the skull. A pea-sized, rubbery node beneath the skin is nothing to worry about, says Dr. Awan. Healthy lymph nodes fluctuate in size- they grow and they.
  5. Top Tonsil Cancer Symptoms by Cancer Survivors | Blog for a Cure. What are Tonsil Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors. The below is a list that has been posted by the bloggers in this cancer community. There are 7347 cancer fighters that are members here. This is what they said, not what the doctors or nurses will tell you
  6. ed by a doctor. A cancerous lump can vary in size and location, and some people may even feel a cluster of lumps grouped together. Lymph nodes are key components of the body's immune system

A lump can appear anywhere in the soft area under the chin and jawline. The lump may be large, small, firm, or soft, depending on the cause. The surrounding skin may feel tight and tender, or even. An armpit lump, or axillary lump, is often caused by swollen lymph nodes in the armpit. This condition can also be associated with tenderness or pain in the lump under the arm. A small or pea-sized lump in the armpit can also be caused by a skin infection, like a cyst, or ingrown hair. Read below for more causes and treatments options

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Just as its description might state, the hard movable lumps under your dog's skin can be all different sizes, and some lumps might be even growing in size. In our section down below, we will be covering several causes behind these conditions, and also cover the solutions to each specific culprit. 1. Non-Cancerous Lumps & Tumors (Benign Keloids. 1 / 15. A keloid is a bump of scar tissue that grows past a wound's bounds. It may keep growing weeks after your skin heals. More common in dark skin, keloids can form anywhere, but. These are the common causes of lumps on a cat's skin: Mild Trauma. A minor injury can cause a bump. It may heal on its own, but it could get infected. A cat that's been given a shot may have a lump for a few days, too. But if it doesn't go away after that, call the vet. Abscesse

Lump or bulge, Numbness or tingling (Leg), Numbness or tingling (Thigh) and Tenderness to touch. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms lump or bulge, numbness or tingling (leg), numbness or tingling (thigh) and tenderness to touch including Peripheral neuropathy, Abscess, and Hematoma A lump in the neck or mouth. Cancer of the sublingual glands may cause a lump in the mouth under the tongue. Submandibular gland cancer causes a lump on one side of the neck under the jaw. A. For the past several months, I've had a small lump under my neck. It is located the soft spot, just behind the chin, just beneath the skin. Several months ago, I had an ingrown hair in this location and as a bad habit, I picked at it. It felt like a boil underneath the skin, and hurt just the same By far these are the most common lumps that parent notice and worry about. Most parents realize that lymph nodes can be found in the neck, but do not know that they are also found around the ears and at the back of the skull. A pea-sized, rubbery knot beneath the skin is nothing to worry about

Breast cancer lumps are usually hard and are often irregularly shaped. Not all breast lumps are cancerous. A fibroadenoma, for example, is a pea-size lump that is often benign. Unlike most breast cancer lumps, a fibroadenoma can usually be moved around in the breast, and most often appears in teen girls and women in their early 20s I also seem to be having a similar problem. Yesterday I noticed a small pea size lump right in front of the tragus of my right ear. It is not on the surface of the skin, I can only feel it when I press on it. It is completely painless and seems to disappear when I open my mouth. Also, I can feel a pulse when I press on it

12 Warning Signs of Cancer in Cats. Weight loss, even if your kitty seems to be eating the same amount as ever. Unusual lumps or swellings anywhere on your cat's body, especially if they're getting larger or changing shape.; Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of lymphoma. The lymph nodes behind the knees and under the jaws are easiest to find A lump in the neck that lasts more than two weeks should be seen by a physician as soon as possible. Of course, not all lumps are cancer. But a lump(s) in the neck can be the first sign of cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box (larynx) , thyroid gland , salivary glands, or of certain lymphomas and blood cancers Here are some common types of lumps that may appear on or under the skin, along with symptoms: (Please NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive) 1. Swollen Lymph Nodes • Soft and rubbery feeling • Movable • Most common in the neck or armpit area. 2. Skin Cysts • Slow-growing and painless • Smooth to the touch and will roll under the ski The painful bump on the tongue causes a lot of irritation and inflammation. The tip is the part of the tongue that holds the taste buds. A tongue is an indicator of the health. Each part of the tongue indicates a connection with an internal organ. So, development of a bump on tip of tongue indicates a problem in your gut or any internal organs

sublingual glands - located under your tongue; submandibular glands - located under each side of your jawbone; Salivary gland cancer most commonly affects the parotid glands. The main symptom of salivary gland cancer is a lump or swelling on or near your jaw, or in your mouth or neck, although the vast majority of these lumps are non-cancerous It was July 2013 when Mick - then living in Rayleigh, near Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and working six-day weeks on building sites across London - first noticed a painful, pea-sized lump in his mouth If the lipoma has a size of 3 cm or more, it is removed surgically. The lump was excised under local anesthesia. Papilloma. Education on the cheek from the inside, which looks like a bump on the foot called a papilloma. The growth can be singular or hit fate palate, gums, cheeks, tongue, larynx. The lump is soft, absolutely painless, with a.

Your mouth is full of lumps and bumps. Many of them are totally normal, but some of them should get checked out. One of the more prominent signs of oral cancer is a lump or bump that will not go away. If this lump changes sizes, such as going up and back down again, or just continues to grow, you want to come in and get it checked A lump in breast can be sore and painful or painless. A benign or cancer breast lump can be small (pea sized) or large, soft or hard and movable. Typically, benign breast lumps occur before or during period, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Explore types, pictures, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and removal A cyst of the jaw is also a possible cause of a lump or mass on the gums. Traumatic injuries and canker sores are some of the more common causes of a mass on the gums. Sometimes, the hormonal changes of pregnancy can cause a small lump or bump to form near the gum line, known as a pyogenic granuloma or granuloma gravidarum Claire Hilton-Ellison, from Liverpool, said her pregnancy helped her discover the pea-sized lump on her right breast in November 2020, because she was checking her bust more often Tongue Sores and Bumps. The side of the tongue may develop a bump into the space between missing teeth. Although small bumps on both sides of the tongue are usually harmless, a bump on only one side should be examined to see if it is cancerous. Unexplained red or white areas, sores, or lumps (particularly when hard) on the tongue—especially.

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Chin lumps are said to occur when there is a bulge, mass, lump or swelling that suddenly appears under your chin, your jawline or just close to your neck. At times, this mass can be mistaken for goitre (which occurs when there is a swelling around the thyroid glands); however, their causes and treatments are not the same Lipoma or Fatty Growth. What they are: the classic lump under the skin of older dogs. It's actually a benign tumour of fat cells, and should grow so slowly it takes 6 months to see any change. Most often found on the chest or abdomen. How we tell: a fine needle aspiration (FNA) gives a clear answer A hard lump inside your nose can be cancer — and there are numerous different kinds of cancers that can cause a self-detected lump or bump inside the nose. However, if you've found a lump inside your nose, whether hard or soft, and especially if you don't have any other symptoms, odds are way in your favor that the cause is benign Lymph glands (also called lymph nodes) are pea-sized lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells. These help to fight bacteria, viruses and anything else that causes infection. They are an important part of the immune system and are found throughout the body Painful, pea-sized lumps. These lumps that develop under the skin, might persist for the years, enlarge as well as become inflamed. Tunnels. Over time, tracts that are connecting the lumps might form on the skin. These particular wounds heal very much slowly and can leak pus. Painful armpit cys

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  1. A lump or mass in your breast is the most common symptom of breast cancer, the American Cancer Society says. These lumps are usually hard and painless, though some can be painful at times
  2. But the good news is that many lumps and bumps on or under a dog's skin are frequently benign — as in not cancer. Evaluation of skin conditions, including lumps, is a very common reason why pet owners sought veterinary care in 2017, according to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Here is a brief overview of 12 common canine lumps and bumps, so you.
  3. Lump on the inner thigh is a condition in which the skin on inner thigh roughens and forms either large or small bumps. These bumps can be of any size small or large and of any texture soft or hard. They can consist of either a single lump or be a cluster of lumps depending on their cause
  4. When I was in the shower I have felt 3 pea like hard lumps on the inside of my vagina one to the left, bottom, and right. Right above my rectum. As I was trying to feel if they're were more it was very difficult to get my finger inside, there appears to be a mass of tissue that feels rough to touch, kind of like a tongue
  5. Lumps under the skin are a part of life for cats. You may be alarmed to find a bump under your pet's skin, but subcutaneous nodules often are innocuous growths that pose little danger. You should schedule a vet visit though, because some nodules are related to serious health problems
  6. The reasons are obvious - there is no one-size-fits-all solution to every lump that your dog may have. And not all lumps are of similar nature or severity. Some lumps appear one at a time, some in multiples. Some lumps are small, some are large. Some are cancerous, while some are benign

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Lump in back of throat with white spot. A lump in the back of throat with white spot should call for immediate medical diagnosis. The most likely cause of the white patches or plaque that cannot be rubbed off is oral leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is a condition in which thick, white patches form on your tongue and the lining of your mouth White Pea Sized Lump On The Inside Of Lower Lip. White Pea Sized Lump On The Inside Of Lower Lip. sy1979. sy1979. 5. Joined. May 16, 2010. Last active. Jun 04, 2010 Benign lumps. First of all, let's start off with a couple of lumps and bumps you might see in the mouth that are non-cancerous, or benign. Boils. Epulis, or boils on the gum are the most commonly found benign lump that forms in the mouth, and these are usually the same colour as the gum itself, and smooth in appearance Hi, I just noticed a pea size lump underneath my rabbits chin/throat area. He's otherwise healthy. He eats well and seems happy. My concern is when I 1st adopted him last year a found an open soar in the same spot this pea size lump is now an my vet said it was an old injury and prescribed some cream for him A painful bump or lump on the thigh can also appear red, small or large, and often be located on the inner thigh. Most commonly, bumps on the inner thigh are caused by infected ingrown hairs, boils, cysts, or a swollen lymph node. Other causes include trauma to the thigh or abnormal cell growth like lipoma. Read below for more causes and how to treat your painful lump on the thigh

Breast cancer symptoms are usually found in or on the breast - a lump or an area of thickened tissue in the breast is usually one of the first signs of the disease. But in some cases, signs of. 22/F 202 lbs. I was touching my armpit and then I found a pea sized lump. It doesn't hurt but it's not that deep but it's deep enough to pinch it and feel the roundness. I thought it was a typical cyst and I squeezed it and nothing happened. My armpit is now warm and I'm worried it's something serious A Big Pain in the Jaw: Painful Lump on Jaw Following Wisdom Tooth Surgery Turned out to be Osteomyelitis - Springfield, PA - How an infection that occurs in just two out of every 10,000 people. The next day which was now 3 days ago, i had a lump appear under my chin. It`s quite flat but around the size of a golf ball. Under my tongue the fleshy vainey thing was swolen triple the size, nd had been burnt white by the clove oil. Also the sides of my gums have also blistered white and swolen. I could not talk, eat, or sleep

Found a very small, bony pea sized lump under my chin this past weekend. Very concerned about it due to my anxiety. Have any idea what it could be? Close. 7. Posted by 2 days ago. Found a very small, bony pea sized lump under my chin this past weekend. Very concerned about it due to my anxiety Blood Filled Lumps. March 19, 2014. September 18, 2014. An abnormal mass of skin or swelling containing blood on skin. Blood-filled lumps can have different causes, such as an allergic reaction, infection, or traumas. Blood-filled lumps can also be a cancer. Some breed, such as boxers, golden retrievers, pitbulls, and German shepherds, are more. 1. Infection. Lumps behind the ear can be caused by infections in the throat or neck, such as pharyngitis, a cold, the flu, mononucleosis, otitis, conjunctivitis, herpes, cavities, gingivitis, or the measles. This happens due to the swollen lymph nodes in the area, which increase in size as the body fights the infection

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