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  1. The Concepcion wreck scatter does not lie in 'association' with the other 1715 shipwreck sites on the Treasure Coast, but lies some 16 miles to the north of Sebastian Inlet on the Brevard County- 'Space Coast'
  2. Colored Beach Wreck, Gold Wreck, or Douglas Beach Wreck (believed to be the Nuestra Senora de las Nieves, which is south of Fort Pierce Inlet) The missing ships of the 1715 fleet are: the Maria Galante, El Senor San Miguel, El Cievro(Also known as La Galleria) and the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion
  3. ation of the silver platters and flintlock pistol suggest that these.
  4. The only shipwreck that can be identified with a certain degree of accuracy is the Cabin Wreck, about two miles south of the Sebastian Inlet. Designated by the State of Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research (FBAR) as 8IR23, it is the first 1715 Fleet wreck discovered and salvaged by Kip Wagner and his Real Eight Company

A pair of treasure hunters in Florida say they discovered a trove of Spanish coins from a 1715 shipwreck while scanning a beach with a metal detector. Jonah Martinez, 43, of St. Lucie, made the hi In August, a different salvage company, 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels LLC, retrieved a 303-year-old cannon from the doomed fleet's Sandy Point shipwreck, just north of Fort Pierce A hurricane strikes the east coast of Florida, sinking 10 Spanish treasure ships and killing nearly 1,000 people, on July 31, 1715.All of the gold and silver onboard at the time would not be. Conclusion From the evidence, it is concluded that the diagnostic artifacts - the Monteros Platter and the Ramirez Flintlock Pistol recovered at the Melbourne Beach site approxiamately 14 miles north of the 1715 shipwreck sites is undoubtedly cargo from a missing 1715 shipwreck. It is believed that the vessel scatter at the site is that of. Metal Detecting the Wreck Sites A Very Brief Florida State Law Overview: You are allowed to hunt the beaches from the foot of the Dune to the low tide line and that includes the beaches adjacent to the 1715 Fleet of Spanish shipwrecks. Inside State parks you are required to get written permission from the Park Ranger before you detect in the park

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The more he learned about them and the 1715 wreck, the more he yearned to find those lost coins and artifacts. He and his team of divers finally located a lot more of the treasure in the 1960s. In addition to more than 4,000 pieces of eight, they recovered a variety of artifacts including a long, gold chain with a dragon-shaped pendant worth. Dave Horner's Shipwreck contains a complete recounting of La Capitana and the salvaging of her cargo. Treasure Fleet of 1715 One of the most devastating losses for Spain involved the Treasure Fleet of 1715. On 24 July twelve ships left Havana laden with treasure

We found 22 beautiful Spanish coins from the 1715 Treasure Ship Wreck that were all hammer-struck.' The coins are worth $5,000 to $6,000 today. 'You can lick it and taste the salt water,' Smith said MDHTALK - Metal Detecting Hobby TalK Entry Pag Concepción, sunk in 1641 off the northeast coast of Hispaniola. The Concepción was one of the most significant Spanish wrecks of all time, serving the Spanish with a loss of over 100 tons of silver and gold treasure. The almiranta of a 21-ship fleet, the Concepción was already in poor repair when the Europe-bound fleet encountered a storm in September, leaving her disabled and navigating.

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In August, a different salvage company, 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels LLC, retrieved a 303-year-old cannon from the doomed fleet's Sandy Point shipwreck, just north of Fort Pierce. Seafarer Exploration is negotiating with the Florida Division of Historical Resources to recover an iron cannon from the Concepción permit zone for restoration and. La Concepcion Shipwreck. 174. 04. The Blue Hole. 175. 05. San Ignacio Wreck. 176. 06. Antocha Shipwreck. 177. 07. The Black Trench When you reach the air barrel, use it. Once you are done with the air barrel, enter the shipwreck just to the right. Avoid the jellyfish inside and open the chest. Exit via the hole in the hull to the right of. Ahoy matey! Discover Pieces of Eight and gold doubloons from sunken ships found around the world. These treasures from the sea are unique and rare, no two ever look alike! Our partnership oversees and manages the shipwreck salvage sites of the 1715 Fleet, along the Atlantic Coast of Florida so it is as direct as yo 1715 FLEET SHIPWRECK 1713 DATED 4 REALES PIRATE GOLD COINS SHIPWRECK TREASURE. $8,950.00 Up for auction here is a 1641 Era (1640) Mexico Silver 8 Reales Recovered from the Concepcion Shipwreck. This is a scarce issue from Blanchard in the Old Folder with the Certificate. It is a quality looking example with nice details visible 1715 Fleet Shipwreck. 1715 Fleet Shipwreck. Vendor Kathy Reller Regular price $1,316.00 Sale price $1,316.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. 1715 Fleet Shipwreck. 1715 Fleet Shipwreck. Vendor Kathy Reller Regular price $1,106.00 Sale price $1,106.00 Regular price $996.00 Unit pric

SAN. TRINIDAD Y NSTRA SRA DE LA CONCEPCION 1715, wreck, wreck databas The wreck of the San Miguel has never been identified and there a number of theory's as to its whereabouts. One of which is that the frigate excaped the hurrican but was badly damaged and eventually sunk off Amelia Island. Nuestra Señora de Concepción: this was a Spanish galleon of the Nueva España fleet reported to have sunk on 07/30/1715. 6 - Urca de Lima - Wedge Wreck Site - Note: This is a State Archaeology Site 7 - Nuestra Senora de las Nieves - Douglas Beach Wreck or Gold Wreck or Colored Beach Site Ships of the 1715 Fleet Never Located are the: 8 - Maria Galante 9 - El Senor San Miguel a 22 cannon frigate 10 - El Cievro 11 - Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion Shipwreck Treasure Silver and Gold Bars and ingots from various wrecks like 1715 Fleet, Atocha, Rooswijk, 1733 Fleet, Maravillas, Consolacion, ex-Concepcion (1641). Approx. 3-1/2. 112 grams. Irregular shape but all flat and probably unmarked (contraband), with varying degrees of encrustation (mostly clean) but darkly toned..

VERY RARE Concepcion Shipwreck Potosi, Bolivia, cob 8 reales, dated 1622, Coin # SC27-19 The Hollandia Treasure Wreck, Scilly Isles, more than 35,000 silver coins were salvaged from this wreck in 1971. Famous International Treasure Wrecks The 1715 Plate Fleet - The loss of 10 of the 11 ships that made up the 1715 plate fleet was probably one of the largest losses of treasure at sea in all of maritime history The wreck was re-found and salvaged in the early 1970s, yielding almost exclusively Dutch silver ducatoons from the 1600s. The number of coins found in the 1970s was around 15,000 and is believed to be nowhere near all of the treasure that was lost. 1715 Fleet, east coast of Florida 30 July 1715. Estimated Value: $2 billion. Contents: Jewels, gold goblets, silver plate, bullion, coin. Location: Off the coast of Florida (USA) badly in need of funds due to the War of Succession that had seen Phillip V take the throne. To solve this problem the Spanish assembled one of the richest treasure fleets

the 1715 wreck of the spanish treasure fleet The coin shown above was recovered from the most spectacular shipwreck along the Atlantic coast of Florida with reports of a loss of 14 million pesos (plus an equal or greater amount in contraband) and as many as 1,000 or more lives El Capitana History. This wreck of the Capitana became the largest loss ever experienced by the Spanish South Seas (Pacific) Fleet, of which the Jesus María de la Limpia Concepción was the Capitana or lead vessel in 1654. The vessel weighed 1,150 tons, was 122 feet long and had a beam of 40 feet. Carrying 60 guns, this was the flagship of the. From the wreck of the Capitana (Jesus Maria de la Limpia Concepcion), Captain's ship for the South Seas fleet, sunk in 1654 off Chanduy, Ecuador.The largest treasure loss ever experienced by the Spanish fleet. Excellent 2-reale silver cob struck under Philip IV (1621-1665 AD), Potosi mint, Bolivia #A-140 Bowers and Ruddy Galleries The Harold A. Blauvelt, Iberoamerican and 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Collections Contents: Coins, Jewelry, Bullion Shipwreck(s): 1715 Fleet Comments: Auction held February 17, 18 and 19, 1977 in Long Beach, California Size: 8.5 x 11 Pages: 192 Publisher: Published by the Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, Los Angeles (1977) in paperback SHIPWRECK TREASURE COINS. JEWELRY FEATURING SHIPWRECK AND TREASURE COINS. Spanish Colonial shipwreck coins from wrecks such as the Atocha, 1715 Fleet, Concepcion, Princess Louisa set in gold frames. Showing 1-16 of 135 results

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  1. Spain Group of the 1715 Plate Fleet, known to the Spanish by two names: San Christo del Valle and Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, which rests somewhere off the coast of Florida near Vero Beach (the 1715 wreck). Cobb Coin Co. v. Unidentified, Wrecked & Abandoned Sailing Vessel, 549 F. Supp. 540, 545 (S.D. Fla. 1982)
  2. Description. JEWELRY FEATURING SHIPWRECK AND TREASURE COINS Spanish Colonial shipwreck coins from wrecks such as the Atocha, 1715 Fleet, Consolacion, Princess Louisa. Minted in the Spanish colonies from the mid-1500s through the late1700s, these coins were cut from a bar (ingot) of silver and then were clipped to the proper weight (1/2, 1, 2, 4 or 8 reales.
  3. Below you will find articles and histories of many of the shipwrecks featured in the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum. This page will constantly change as new information is learned about these wreck sites. Concepcion. A history of the Nuestro Señora de Ia Pura y Limpia Concepcion, which sank in 1641. 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet
  4. Listed below are just a few of the shipwreck coins that we make a market in. Atocha 1622. Maravillas 1656. 1715 Fleet. El Cazador 1784. Concepcion 1641. Joanna 1682. São José 1622. S.S Republic 1865
  5. already very well educated on the 1715 Fleet accessibility. The Florida Treasure Coast is well published with many sources available such as: 1715 only websites and shipwreck books detailing the Fleet's history, the destruction of the Fleet and the treasure lost / salvaged. So a detailed 1715 Fleet history will not be part of this article
  6. An effort to salvage the shipwreck in 1744 was unsuccessful as were numerous later attempts. In a 1998 - 1999 expedition, a well-known marine archeological recovery company Concepcion. Lost near Hispaniola on November 1, In July of 1715, ten Spanish galleons sank off the east coast of Florida..
  7. Spanish Shipwrecks. Throughout the Spanish colonial period ships were lost at sea. Just during the period of the early explorers there are 39 known wrecks involving at least 110 vessels, from the sinking of Columbus's ship the Santa María in the Bay of Caracol, Hispaniola in 1492 through the loss of the ship Santiago by Magellan at Rio de.

Spanish New World Silver 8 Reales COB, MEXICO, PHILIP IV , #1216 From The Shipwreck CONCEPCION 1641 $ 550.00 Images / 1 / A 1687-G gold 2-escudo coin from Bogota, recovered from the wreck of the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet, highlights the Santa Fe Collection, part of Daniel Frank Sedwick's auction No. 10, which closes.

2. The 1715 Fleet Concepcion was never found by the Spanish. 3. The survivors did actually come from the Concepcion of the 1715 Fleet but did not make a landfall until they had been pushed ashore at Cape Canaveral. 4. The Concepcion foundered and sank sum total somewhere between Fort Pierce and Cape Canaveral. 5 Capitana Shipwreck Coins. The Spanish galleon Jesus Maria de la Limpia Concepcion, better known as the Capitana, was lost in 1654 after striking a reef system off Chanduy Ecuador.The huge galleon served as the command ship, the captain's ship or Capitana of the 1654 South Sea Armada, and due to her size and stature, carried the bulk of the fleets treasure The San Miguel sailed with the rest of the Flota of 12 ships (Marx, IPO, p. 3) from Havana Harbor on July 24, 1715. There were 5 ships of Ubilla's New Spain Flota, 6 ships in the Echeverz Squadron of Tiera Firme, and a French Ship, the Grifon, commanded by Captain Antonio Diare. The Grifon was not part of the Flota but was leaving at the same.

1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels is a group of Florida-based shipwreck salvagers who have focused their attention since 2010 on the exploration and recovery of the famous Spanish treasure fleets convoy

Historic authenticity of the Spanish ship of the line SAN FELIPE of 169 The Cannon Wreck may contain the wreckage of the fifth of General Ubilla's ships which comprised the New Spain Flota. If it does, it may be the Mariagalante which is the small fragatilla which Ubilla purchased in Havana. Treasure which appears to be from the 1715 Fleet has been recovered in the area including 39 gold doubloons In Shipwreck Coins be sure to watch for a PCGS-certified gold 2 escudos (lot 68) from the Atocha, as well as strong selections of choice Concepción (1641), Capitana (1654), 1715 Fleet and.

the wreck-site of the Nuestra Señora de las Nieves as lying further north, is something that was previously explored by researcher Jack Haskins, who points out in his work, The 1715 New Spain Flota and Tierra Firme Galleons History, that: If Lima's wreck was actually the wedge wrec Plus Ultra Cover Coin - First Quarter 2012. Tying in our Cover Coin (s) with the debut of the 1715 Fleet Society story, we have selected three dated pieces from the sites of the 1715 Spanish Silver Fleet. These three pieces of gold are scheduled to be auctioned off at Sedwick's Treasure and World Coin Auction 11 coming up on April 10. Jul 28, 2015 - 1715 fleet - 1715 Fleet Ships Never Located are the: 8 - Maria Galante 9 - El Senor San Miguel a 22 cannon frigate 10 - El Cievro 11 - Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion Quote: The known 1715 Fleet shipwreck sites lay scattered along a stretch of coastline popularly called the Treasure Coast that is located approximately 14 miles to the south at Sebastian Inlet. Baer was not referring to the Melbourne site with his historical comments on the known wrecks Atocha Shipwreck Silver Coin 8 Reales Grade Two 85A-229769 —. Regular price. $3,400. Mounted Atocha Shipwreck Silver Coin 4 Reales Grade One 85A-145269 —. Regular price. $4,300. Atocha Shipwreck Silver Coin 8 Reales Mounted Pendant Coin 85A-204636 —. Regular price. $8,800

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  1. Atocha Shipwreck Silver 8 Reales (Salvage Papers with COA) $1,695.00. Any Quantity. Atocha Shipwreck Silver 8 Reales Grade 4 (Salvage w/COA) $1,595.00. Any Quantity. New. c.1628 Mo-MF Mexico AR 8 Reales (Lucayan Shipwreck) $649.00
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  3. The 1715 Fleet, eleven Spanish ships lost together in a hurricane along the East Coast of Florida in July of 1715, carried large numbers of gold and silver cobs. The 1733 Fleet, twenty-two Spanish ships, most of which were lost in a hurricane in the Florida Keys, carried silver cobs
  4. ANTH318 Nautical Archaeology of the Americas . Class 12 The Spanish fleets (review) Nueva España (from Seville to Veracruz) Tierra Firme (from Seville to Cartagena) Manila (from Manila to Acapulco) Lima (from Lima to Panama) Leaving Seville around April or May, these fleets sailed south to the Canary Islands (1 week), and then west to the Antilles, between 17º and 15° latitude south (1 month)
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  6. CONCEPCION 1641 COIN# 2691 DENOMINATION- 8 REALES MINT- MEXICO CITY ASSAYER- P REIGN- PHILIP IV DATE- NV. WEIGHT- 24.3 gr. GRADE- II Note; Original coin presentation folder with Certificate of Authenticity. TTI-50091
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Lost treasures. June 11, 1981. By Emilie Tavel Livezey Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor. Boston. It seems hardly possible that one can step from the bustle of Fifth Avenue, New York. Pirate Shipwreck coin of the Consolacion. Potosi, Bolivia, cob 8 reales, 1680V. S-P39; KM-26; Cal-717. 18.59 grams. Bold full pillars with clear date and assayer, off-center cross with clear second da.. $895.00

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Discover the 1715 Fleet of Spanish Treasure Ships that sank off the coast of Florida. Priceless artifacts including gold, silver, and emeralds have been recovered offshore by lease holders and sub-contractors who dive and excavate the wrecks each summer Greetings everyone. I am interested on the study of the ships of the 1715 fleet, themselves, and would like to get more information on what was the name of each vessel, the type of ship for each (i.e. galleon, ship of the line, patache, urca, frigate, etc.), and how many cannons each vessel had

1715, 1715 Fleet or Plate Fleet (Spanish), eleven ships sunk in a hurricane off the east coast of Florida and scattered many miles apart in an area from south of Melbourne to south of Fort Pierce. Vast quantities of Spanish American gold and silver cobs, more gold than found in any other shipwrecks before or since Jesus Maria de Limpia Concepcion, 1654, Equador - Salvaged Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, 1656 , Bahamas - Salvaged San Francisco Shipwreck, Mid 17th century, Cape Verde - Salvage Other Shipwreck Coins. Shipwreck treasure coins from various other wrecks like the 1622 Santa Margarita, 1628 Lucayan Beach, 1641 Concepcion, 1654 La Capitana, 1656 Maravillas, 1682 Joanna, 1707 Association, and the 1743 Hollandia. Certificates of Authenticity accompany all shipwreck treasure coins Wreck Diving Magazine : New Products - Subscriptions Back Issues Apparel wreck, diving, magazine, shipwreck, ocean, scuba Afrique,Arabia,Wrecks of Bermuda,Concepcion,PFO Concerns for Technical Divers,Shipwrecks of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet- Part II,Take It Or Shipwrecks of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet - part IV, Boats of the.

Shipwreck divers have announced quite the anniversary present for the flagship of a 1715 Spanish treasure fleet, the Capitana: 52 gold coins, 40 feet of gold chain, and 110 silver coins and. As Mel Fisher would say, Today's the Day! Visit our Treasure Blog for fascinating Mel Fisher treasure stories. Quick View. NEW ARRIVAL Authentic Atocha Grade 2, 2 Reales 14k gold w/white & blue diamonds. $12,000.00. Quick View. NEW ARRIVAL Authentic Atocha Grade 2, 8 Reales, dated, in 14k mount. $4,695.00. Quick View Own Shipwreck. This Series divulges much about the Identification of Artifacts discovered on Spanish (and other) Shipwrecks found in New World waters. work on the Concepcion and other wrecks in the waters of Hispaniola appeared in our pages. has been into the salvage of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet which was demolished along the. Required Cookies & Technologies. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions 1715 Fleet: Carl has worked on the 1715 Fleet on and off for the last few decades. Carl has salvaged millions of dollars from the 1715 Fleet. 1733 Fleet: Carl learned his craft on the 1733 fleet from the grandfather of modern day treasure diving, Art McKee. Concepcion

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Concepcion. Lost near Hispaniola on November 1, 1641, In July of 1715, ten Spanish galleons sank off the east coast of Florida. An effort to salvage the shipwreck in 1744 was unsuccessful as were numerous later attempts. In a 1998 - 1999 expedition, a well-known marine archeological recovery company, Arqueonautas, located and. Family of treasure hunters find $1M worth of gold coins and jewelry from legendary 1715 shipwreck off Florida coast. Diver Eric Schmitt and his family recovered 51 gold coins of various. The close proximity of a 1715 shipwreck — especially one that might be the Concepción from Tierra Firme, South America — seems to explain the presence of this particular artifact, de Bry said, peering through a magnifying glass at the metal artwork. Should more info appear on the ongoing exploration of the Concepcion's wreckage. Part of the large cache of treasure recovered from the wreck of a 400-year-old Spanish galleon near the Florida Keys will go on auction early next month. Named for a holy shrine in Madrid, the. 1622 ATOCHA SHIPWRECK SPANISH 8 REALES SILVER COIN POTOSI PNCS 4 GRADE FISHER LT. C $1,074.23. or Best Offer. +C $31.31 shipping. 3d 18h left (Friday, 11:39) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided

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Afrique,Arabia,Wrecks of Bermuda,Concepcion,PFO Concerns for Technical Divers,Shipwrecks of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet- Part II,Take It Or Leave... more info Add: Issue 2 Man finds treasure possibly linked to 1715 Spanish fleet. A local man with a metal detector may have stumbled on incredible wealth with the discovery of an ancient, possibly historic ring

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Mexico - 8R 1714MO J - 1715 Fleet shipwreck: View Coin: 1715 Fleet - Sunk on Florida's East Coast: MEXICO - TO 1823 ESCUDO (1712-13)MOJ 1715 FLEET NGC MS 63 1715 Fleet, east coast of Florida The Spanish 1715-Fleet disaster was probably the greatest to befall any of the Spanish treasure fleets in terms of casualties and money, with reports of a. Lying 9 kilometers off the shore of Table Bay, Robben Island is 574 ha, 3 kilometers long, 1,5 kilometers wide and 35 meters above sea level. The view across to the mainland is superb. Robben Island is noted for its arum lilies. It also serves as a breeding ground for approximately 28 species of birds. The island is surrounded by dense kelp beds Shipwrecks, Treasure & Archaeology Books 1715 FLEET SOCIETY--PENN. / FLA. Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of The Loss of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Recovery Activities on Concepcion: APEX EPHEMERA--FL Dealing in Old Manuscripts, Paper Plus Web Site Design & Management. #4679 Concepcion Shipwreck 8 Reales Pendant . $1,700.00. Spanish 8 reales 1634-1641, in 14k gold pendant, 1641 Shipwreck Silver Shoals Dominican Republic. #4664 King Philip IV Escudo Pendant . $3,350.00. Spanish escudo 1621-1665, in 18k gold pendant. #4665 King Philip IV Two Escudos Doubloon Pendant.

Featured from the 1715 Fleet this time is a Lima, Peru, gold cob 8 escudos dated 1703 (lot 10), graded NGC MS 62 and estimated at $20,000 and up. It previously sold as ungraded in the 2003 Tampa sale of seized shipwreck treasure. This coin is so rare that even the State of Florida's own collection of 1715 Fleet coins is lacking an example Shipwrecks deteriorate over the years and are often buried under sand or coral. The only sure way to identify a wreck is to locate its cannons. Anchors are not good indicators, as they often snagged or were cut loose. Stone cannon balls indicate wrecks from the 15th and 16th centuries, while iron cannon balls hail from the 17th and 18th centuries

List of shipwrecks: 23 November 1711 Ship Country Description Bretagne Kingdom of France The Saint Malo privateer frigate hit rocks, while leaving her home port, and broke up beneath the Fort de la Latte. The crew survived The Santissima Concepcion — known at the time as El Grande — was a massive Spanish galleon commanded by Admiral Manual Ortiz Aosemena when it sank in 1683. The El Grande was carrying a treasure bound for Spain, when it ran into the hurricane that sank it and killed 496 on board. In 1715, a small flotilla of ships came together to form a. Buy Spanish Colonial Vintage Coins 1/2, 1, 2, 4 & 8 Reales on APMEX.com. Fast & free shipping on orders +$99. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Four centuries' worth of Shipwreck Coins are up for bid next, from the iconic Atocha (1622) and 1715 Fleet-recovered cobs to United States shipwreck finds like an 1863-S $20 double eagle from.

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MEXICO 8 ESCUDOS DATED! 1715 PLATE FLEET SHIPWRECK 1715 GOLD DOUBLOON TREASURE. C $43,533.76 + shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery. 1600s Concepcion Shipwreck Spanish Mexico Silver 8 Reales Pirate Dollar Cob Coin. C $502.31. Free shipping Treasure and World Coin Auction #11 has been scheduled for April 10-11, 2012, and is promising to be another big one. As usual, it will contain a large selection of gold cobs, mostly from the 1715. Shipwreck Jewelry Collection The pieces in this collection are crafted with a portion from one of the silver bars that were recovered from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha). The Atocha tragically ended her voyage on a reef of the Florida Keys on September 6, 1622, taking with her 264 souls many of whom were royal blood There is new information about the discovery of a 310-year-old Spanish shipwreck, carrying treasure that might be worth up to $17 billion. The ship was found.. MEL FISHER 1969 COA 1715 Fleet Shipwreck 8 Reales Cob Silver Spanish 8 Real Coin - $1,565.83. FOR SALE! Specializing In Antiques, Collectibles, Coins & Currency Since 2000 We Offer Quick 35263711054

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The coins are attributed in the catalogue to From the 1715 Cape Kennedy Treasure Wreck Never heard of the 1715 Cape Kennedy Treasure Wreck? Well, neither have I. Cape Kennedy in Florida, I should explain, lies 50-100 miles north of the 1715 wreck sites, from which these gold and silver cobs were no doubt recovered. No 1715 Fleet wreck has. Seller: pirategoldcoins ️ (1,291) 100%, Location: La Jolla, California, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 291709315370 MEXICO 1733 8 REALES NGC 35 KLIPPE SHAPE FLEET SHIPWRECK SILVER COIN TREASURE. MEXICO 1733 8 REALES PHILIP V NGC 35 KLIPPE SHAPE FLEET SHIPWRECK SILVER COIN 1733 Fleet Shipwreck $3950.00 Image gallery MEXICO 1733 8 REALES NGC 35 KLIPPE SHAPE 26.9 grams VERY RARE YEAR. A Master on the Spanish Main. Armstrong, T. L. ISBN: 978-1090677839 Comments: Includes 170+ photos; illustrated; indexed Size: 6 x 9 Pages: 385 Grayscale Description: A Master on the Spanish Main is the authorized biography of Burt D. Webber, Jr., a treasure salvor who has recovered millions of dollars in artifacts and trove from numerous shipwrecks in the Caribbean over a period of. Home >> Shipwrecks & Gold . Shipwrecks In The U.S. In the United States, there are actaully many shipwrecks that occured over the past several centuries.Specifically off the coast of North Carolina. There is a reason why the coast of North Carolina is known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic

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Discover Our Hidden Treasures... We have 1000s of out-of-print and rare books on treasure, pirates, numismatics, military history and militaria SAN FRANCISCO DE OCONEE 8-JE-2. The site of San Francisco de Oconee was a seventeenth century Spanish mission to the Apalachee Indians. It was excavated by Hale Smith in the late 1940's. Smith, Hale G. 1950 A Spanish mission site in Jefferson county. In Here they Once Stood, by M. Boyd, H. Smith and John Griffin

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Beginning with the salvage of the 1715 fleet shipwrecks in 1991, Gidus went on to work the San Martin (1618), the Juno Beach Wreck (circa 1590), the Jupiter Wreck (1659), the Victor (1872) and dozens of other wrecks in Florida & North Carolina Attempts to re-establish missions in the Presidio area were made in 1715. Mission San Antonio de los Puliques (8) was founded near the site of present-day Presidio (Habig 1990:153-154). Some speculate that the mission may have had its start sometime during the 1680s, though this may be due to the fact that Mission San Antonio was placed near or.