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List of Fire Abbreviations and Acronyms in Governmental & Military Category . Last Added; Submit; About; Mobile version; Tweet. Abbreviation > Term Word in meaning Term > Abbreviation Home / Governmental & Military / Fire. Governmental & Military >> Fire Abbreviations. Look through 869 acronyms and abbreviations related to Fire:. Below are 300+ abbreviations that every firefighter should know, in order to be a successful firefighter with a high understanding of the fire service: AA (Affirmative Action or Alcoholics.. Plumbing and Fire Protection Abbreviations The list of abbreviations used in a set of architectural drawings varies from office to office. Be sure to check the front section of the drawing set for the abbreviations used within general fire alarm. 8. damper and hvac smoke detectors shall be provided by the fire alarm contractor, listed with the fire alarm system, and incorporate addressable modules. 9. where applicable, smoke detectors for air-handler shut down shall be on both supply and return ducts. fire alarm acceptance testing: 1 Looking for the definition of FIRE? Find out what is the full meaning of FIRE on Abbreviations.com! 'Finance Insurance and Real Estate' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource

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  2. STANDARD ABBREVIATION LIST MISCELLANEOUS WORDS/PHRASES AC Area Check ADV Advised ANON Anonymous APT Apartment ASAP As Soon As Possible ATC Attempt to Contact ATL Attempt to Locate ATT Attempt BF Boyfriend BLDG UNKBuilding BLKING Blocking USS CC Contact Complaint DAU Daughter DND Do Not Disclose DOT Direction of VICTravel GF Girlfriend GOA Gone on Arrival Y
  3. fire alarm drawing list drawing no. drawing title fa-000 fire alarm cover sheet fa-104 level 4 fire alarm floor plan fa-105 level 5 fire alarm floor plan fa-106 level 6 fire alarm floor plan fa-107 level 7 fire alarm floor plan. 15 60 15 30 15 15 60 75 75 15 15 15 15 15 30 15 30 15 30 15 60 60 15 15 30 15 15 15 30 wb 4836 3 0 x 4 2 t a b l e wb.

NWCG positions enable consistent and uniform performance by personnel mobilized by position under NIMS-ICS principles. The position catalog provides comprehensive information about each NWCG position, those for which NWCG establishes qualifications standards Back To Blog fire abbreviation list

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  1. THE R.A.C.E. ACRONYM AND FIRE EXTINGUISHER USE If you are involved in a fire, remember R.A.C.E. to help you respond safely and correctly: R = RESCUE anyone in immediate danger from the fire, if it does not endanger your life A = ALARM: sound the alarm by calling 2600 (on-campus locations only) and activating a pull station alarm bo
  2. National Fire Protection Association. NFS. Network File System. NGO. Non-Governmental Organization. Survey & Certification Emergency Preparedness Initiative - All Hazards . EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ACRONYM & GLOSSARY LIST - EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ACRONYM & GLOSSARY LIST - Revised 9/2008
  3. LIST OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS Coyote Highlands Cluster Subdivision Draft EIR- October 2012 2 CC&Rs Conditions, Covenants, & Restrictions CCRWQCB Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board CDC California Department of Conservation CDFG California Department of Fish and Game CDMG California Department of Mines and Geology CDP
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  5. EBF Fire Abbreviation. What is EBF meaning in Fire? 1 meaning of EBF abbreviation related to Fire: Fire. Fire. Medical
  6. FAA Home Jobs Acronyms and Abbreviations Acronyms and Abbreviations. Share; Share on Facebook; Tweet on Twitter; DBA?MWP?SMT?Not a problem. Find out what these mean to get familiar with the different abbreviated names for various operations, lines of business, and programs

Fire CISM abbreviation meaning defined here. What does CISM stand for in Fire? Get the top CISM abbreviation related to Fire The Complete List of 1500+ Common Text Abbreviations & Acronyms. Vangie Beal. April 6, 2021. Updated on: June 14, 2021. Text Abbreviations reviewed by Web Webster. From A3 to ZZZ we list 1,559 SMS, online chat, and text abbreviations to help you translate and understand today's texting lingo. Includes Top 10 * = Asterisk indicates acronym. 340: 155.340 radio frequency, ambulance to hosp. 3TC: Lamivudine (Epivir) (1 part of triple therapy for HIV) 5-HT: 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin

View a list of acronyms and abbreviations. CAC - Chancellor's Advisory Committee CACSE - Center For Advanced Computational Science & Engineering (See SDSC) CAD - Computer-Aided Design CADRE - Community Advocates for Disability Rights and Education Cal/OSHA - California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Calit2 - California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology. These are the ranks in the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), with their equivalents in the Armed Forces. These men and women report to the following: The President of the Republic of the Philippines through the office of the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government the office of The Undersecretary.

Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Control Unit. AMSR-E. Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS. AMSR-SU. Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Sensor Unit. AMSU. Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit. AMSU-A1. AMSU-A1 Module - Receives V and W Band Frequencies on Channels 3-15 AHJ - authority having jurisdiction. APF - assigned protection factor. APR - air purifying respirator. CBRN - chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear. CCOHS - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. CEV - ceiling exposure value. CGA - Compressed Gas Association. CSA - Canadian Standards Association HVAC Acronyms and Abbreviations - Information. The Heating and Cooling industry aka HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning has a lot of acronyms and abbreviations. You may hear an acronyms or abbreviation when looking into a new system, see the acronyms or abbreviation on a sticker or unit and wonder what that means

Acronyms. This is a compilation of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used within HSE. Abbreviations readily available elsewhere, have not been included. Those entries marked with an asterisk * relate directly to HSE. A See Exhibit 13.1.3-1, Acronyms and Definition of Terms, for commonly used TAS terms and abbreviations. If the need arises to use an abbreviation not listed in this exhibit, properly identify the abbreviation the first time it is used. Using a company name, such as Acme Building Supply Partnership, can be tedious in a lengthy history

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Fire alarm sounders can be set to certain frequencies and different tones including low, medium and high, depending on the country and manufacturer of the device. Most fire alarm systems in Europe sound like a siren with alternating frequencies. Fire alarm electronic devices are known as horns in the United States and Canada, and can be either. FHA fire hazards analysis FHA fuel handling accident FIRS foundation input response spectra FIV flow-induced vibration FLEX diverse and flexible coping strategy FNPP Fermi Nuclear Power Plant FPS fire protection system FPWS fire protection water system List of Abbreviations.. Here are some Firefighting acronyms that every firefighter should know. If you have more, add them to the comments. I know that there are hundreds more than this list, I just thought I would save us time and publish the difficult ones as well as some of the most common

symbols, abbreviations and general notes fire protection. supervised valve flow switch inspector's test valve - see detail on drawing fp5.1 2 1/2 fire department valve w/ 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 reducer in recessed cabinet 4 fire standpipe 4 sprinkler riser 2 sprinkler test drai Abbreviation list for World Of Fire Report 12-03-2005, 04:41 PM. Abbreviations that could show up in the World Of Fire Report. 2+2 = 2 Engines/2 ladders 3+2 = 3 Engines/2 Ladders A/C = Assistant Chief A/H = All Hands ATT = At This Time AI = Accident Investigation ALS = Advanced Life Support. LIST OF COMMON ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS USED BY THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING AND SAFETY (LADBS) I - COMMONLY USED BY DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING AND SAFETY UFC - Uniform Fire Code UMC - Uniform Mechanical Code (Published by IAPMO) UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code VEIP - Vehicle Establishment Inspection Progra abbreviations general notes mechanical symbols and abbreviations note: all symbols and abbreviations shown seal all pipe and duct penetrations through fire rated building elements with an approved fire proofing material. all equipment shall have identification tags Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment - Acronyms and Abbreviations FEIS Volume 1, Acronyms and Abbreviations HF-QLG Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group HSA Hydrologic Sub-area (CalWater Level 4, 100,000 - 500,000 acres) IASC Interagency Air and Smoke Council IBA Important Bird Area IBI Index of Biotic Integrity IC Ion Chromatography ID Interdisciplinar

Governmental » Fire Departments Abbreviations Page #2 Browse 602 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Fire Departments terminology and jargon Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports This list should be used only as a guide in interpreting criminal record information. Some FLS FIRE ALA..False Fire Alarm FLS POL ALA..False Police Alarm FMFR..Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility.

fire command b-140 domestic water entry room b-163 recycling closet b-161 mdf b-135 fire pump room b-139 fm b-162 olympic sec b-120 furn stor. b-125b janitor stor. b-125c fire tank room b-139a medical equip stor b-001 shops b-125a staff toil. b-136 corr b-161z corr b-200z corr b-137z n-c int. b-220 n-c int. b-219 stair b-305 vest / lobby b-200a. Radio Codes and Abbreviations This is a list of some of the more popular codes and abbreviations used by Police, Fire, and EMS in the area of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, California. If this isn't what you're looking for, Uniden/Bearcat has a collection of radio codes from around the United States f = fire standpipe riser equipment designation detail designation sheet note number revision number plumbing legend and abbreviations riser no. riser equipment equipment no. dwg. sheet no. detail number p 1 cp 1 1 1 p2.1 av acid vent piping npw non-potable water st storm ost overflow storm p/ft pitch per foot drawing no. date: job no: checked. Welcome to FltPlan, a free flight planning service for creating and filing IFR and VFR flight plans, obtaining weather briefings and navigation logs for flights in the U.S., Bahamas, Canada, Intra-Canada, Mexico, Central America and most Caribbean airports. FltPlan offers pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight tools including: Airport/FBO Information, Approach Plates / Digital Charts, Routes. Abbreviations & Terms A Capability Assurance Job Aid FEMA-524 / March 2005. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency The FAAT List is not designed to be an authoritative source, merely a handy reference. A&FM Aviation and Fire Management AF 1) Acre Feet 2) Air Force AFA Association of Flight Attendants AFB.

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near the fire's point of origin, shall follow the procedures outlined by the R.A.C.E acronym: Rescue all patients, visitors, employees, staff and volunteers from immediate danger. Alarm by pulling the closest fire pull-station and by dialing 811 or 77 (or 911 in off Post a chemical abbreviation sheet in the lab when abbreviations are used on labels. Print out this list of common substances and abbreviations. Extend the list as necessary with your laboratory-specific abbreviations. Label refrigerators used for chemical storage with a No Food Storage sticker A list of typical abbreviations used in electrical drawings. Plumbing and Fire Protection Abbreviations A list of typical abbreviations used in plumbing or fire protection drawings Fire departments are structured differently around the world. Many firefighters are sworn members with command structures similar to the military and police.They do not have general police powers (some firefighters in the United States have limited police powers, like fire police departments, while certain fire marshals have full police powers, i.e. the ability to make warrantless arrests, and. RACE: Remove, Alarm, Confine and Extinguish or Evacuate. This easy to remember acronym is our University procedure in the case of a fire. Particularly in the hospital, every staff member is trained to recognize and respond appropriately in the case of a fire using this term

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The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners 103 - IGC - International General Certification. 104 - SSP - Site Safety Plan. 105 - STA - Safety Task Assignment. 106 - TSTI - Total Safety Task Instruction. Above are some of the common Health and Safety abbreviations and their meaning with brief explanation for some List of airport-related acronyms and abbreviations used in FAA documents. Does not provide airport location identifiers (sometimes referred to as airport codes) Assessment EMS Abbreviations. From the minute that an EMS worker looks at you, they might start listing off abbreviations to their partner or on the walkie-talkie. Not only is the emergency medical technician (EMT) assessing the condition of the person in distress, but they're also trying to quickly make a diagnosis to stabilize a person

boy one; 1st c of mt: first captain of the maintop; 1st c of t: first captain of tops; 1st mus: musician first (writing musician) 2nd c of mt: second captain of the mainto Upcoming prescribed burns. Find out when and where the Department for Environment and Water prescribed burns are happening.. Definitions. Burn off - an intentionally ignited fire by a member of the public for the reduction of vegetation and or stubble as part of farming practices. Individuals conducting a Burn off require the appropriate local council permits

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dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms in geographic information systems, cartography, and remote sensing By Philip Hoehn and Mary Lynette Larsgaard ( Map & Imagery Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara Library) For fire or medical emergencies, call 911. Abiding by the state's Safe Start plan, Seattle Fire Department buildings are closed to public access: Headquarters (301 2nd Ave. S.) is closed to the public except for supply deliveries; most staff are working remotely. Members of the public can call the main line (206-386-1400) with questions List of initialisms, acronyms (words made from parts of other words, pronounceable), and other abbreviations used by the government and the military of the United States. Note that this list is intended to be specific to the United States government and military—other nations will have their own acronyms Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion. (disambiguation), terms and groups using the initials or acronym; Fyre (disambiguation) Fiers (disambiguation), including a list of people with the surname; Firer, a surname (including a list of people with the name) Firing (disambiguation) This Fire. This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand MFDC in the field in general and in the Computing terminology in particular. Mortar Fire Data Computer Computin

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  1. FP.FPT - Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List. Looking for abbreviations of FP.FPT? It is Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List. Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List listed as FP.FPT. Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List - How is Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List abbreviated
  2. Fire District EVFD abbreviation meaning defined here. What does EVFD stand for in Fire District? Get the top EVFD abbreviation related to Fire District
  3. g that spreads sufficiently from its source to require action by a fire control agency.. Candle or Candling: A single tree or a very small clump of trees which is burning from the bottom up.. Chain: A unit of linear measurement equal to 66 feet
  4. Graphical Symbols and Abbreviations Standard BS 1635:1990 Introduction. The current standard is BS 1635 : 1990 and has been produced with the agreement of the Fire Standards Policy Committee and replaces BS 1635: 1970
  5. fire sprinkler symbols direction of slope down pressure control valve point of new connection to existing piping miscellaneous test port relief valve gate valve and abbreviations. 8 di p squadron operations fac il ty rwall p a y n e b l v d h e r c u l e s b l v d e n l i s t e d d r i v w e 3 c u 12 w at er li n e 1 2 d i p n ew 12.
  6. S491 Intermediate National Fire Danger Rating System Course Steering Committee. S491CSC. Fire Danger Subcommittee. S495 Geospatial Fire Analysis Interpretation and Application Course Steering Committee. S495CSC. Fire Behavior Subcommittee. S520 S620 Course Steering Committee. S520S620CSC. Incident and Position Standards Committee
  7. imize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. NFPA codes and standards, ad

Fire hose used to apply water or other fire fighting agent directly to a fire or burning substance. Typically of 2 + 1 ⁄ 2 inches (64 mm) diameter or less in the United States. Historically 1.5 inch hose was the primary initial attack line but has been supplanted in most of the US by 1.75-inch-diameter (44 mm) hose that carries 175 gallons. The list of abbreviations used in a set of architectural drawings varies from office to office. Be sure to check the front section of the drawing set for the abbreviations used within Your email address will help us get in touch with you to resolve your query/ concern 11:00am - 2:00pm (Browsing Only) Cahill Library. Close List of Insurance Acronyms and Its Abbreviations for UIIC & OICL Exams 2017- Download in PDF By admin - Sep 21 2017 Dear Readers, here we have given the List of Important Insurance Acronyms and its Abbreviations in PDF for Upcoming Insurance Exams 2017

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List of Abbreviations. Overview of Audited Entity. Audit Objectives, Scope, and Methodology. Detailed Audit Findings with Auditee's Response. The Department of Fire Services Did Not Administer Its Fixed Assets in Accordan. DFS Did Not Collect Appropriate Documentation to Support Expenditures for Earma List of Acronyms Acronym Full Name PM Particulate matter PM 2.5 Particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometer PM 10 Particulate matter less than 10 micrometer RAWS Remote access weather station RCA Riparian conservation area RCO Riparian conservation objectives RNA Research natural area ROA Recreation opportunity area ROD Record of decisio The RECEO acronym stands for R escue, E xposures, C onfinement, E xtinguishment, and O verhaul. As you can see, the progression of the list moves from the broader concern of protecting exposures. RACE PASS is a fire safety acronym and protocol: Rescue, Alarm, Contain and Extinguish when you first encounter a fire, and Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep when using a fire extinguisher. Developed for hospitals and nursing homes, RACE PASS is now used in workplaces worldwide and advocated by fire safety professionals

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National Weather Service Glossary This glossary contains information on more than 2000 terms, phrases and abbreviations used by the NWS. Many of these terms and abbreviations are used by NWS forecasters to communicate between each other and have been in use for many years and before many NWS products were directly available to the public Water Words Dictionary DIVISION OF WATER PLANNING 2 Abbreviations and Acronyms BTU British Thermal Unit BWPC Bureau of Water Pollution Control (NDEP/DCNR) BWQP Bureau of Water Quality Planning (NDEP/DCNR) BWR Boiling Water Reactor C Celsius (Centigrade Temperature Scale) CAA Clean Air Act (EPA) CAPA Critical Aquifer Protection Area (SDWA) CBRA Coastal Barrier Resources Act of 1982 (FEMA In June, 119 people came to FIRE when their rights were in jeopardy. Hear their stories — and how we're fighting back — by subscribing today. Student Faculty K-12 Teacher Alumni/Othe

There are hundreds of police abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon words used in paperwork and on the radio by law enforcement officials. Whether you're working towards a career as a police officer or you want to better understand what's happening on your police scanner, learning police lingo from a police terminology list can be fun and informative FDNY Radio Terminology. Listening to the FDNY can be confusing. Until you develop an ear for the format of the announcements, and understand what all of the numbers mean, it could be like listening to gibberish. In this writing I will explain some typical radio terminology. The 10 codes are defined on a separate page

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Metal Abbreviations. The three-letter codes listed below indicate the range of possible finishes available on metal products purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. These abbreviations are used exclusively by Fire Mountain Gems to label and identify our products. Customers will see these three-letter abbreviation codes on invoices found. fire protection system medical steam piping duct symbols plumbing mechanical / plumbing symbols and abbreviations abbreviations drawing notations sections and details. north first floor plan - mechanical demolition north crawl space plan - mechanical demolition demolition legend: demolition plan notes Electrical Plan Symbols - Fire Alarm. Each engineering office uses their own set of electrical and fire alarm symbols; however, the symbols below are fairly common across many offices. Refer to the symbol legend sheet for special symbols used in a particular set

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Deputy Fire Chief Vince A. Peña has been with the Los Angeles County Fire Department since 1981. Chief Peña has held the positions of firefighter, firefighter paramedic, firefighter specialist, fire camp foreman, fire captain, battalion chief, assistant fire chief, deputy fire chief, and acting chief deputy Table A-12. Ammunition Fire Unit-Fire Status acronym and abbreviation key.. A-19 Table A-13. Ammunition Fire Unit-Firing Site Data acronym and abbreviation key.. A-20 Table A-14. Ammunition Fire Unit-Mission Fired Report acronym and abbreviation Fire District - This is different from a district within a city or a District Chief. See District Chief. A fire district is an established tax district. (or some similar acronym). This might also be referred to as a Roll Call. All company officers will report that they have their crew in sight or physical contact Frost Shock (gaming, World of Warcraft Shaman Spell) FS. Fractostratus (cloud formation) FS. Felix Schlag (designer of the Jefferson nickel; initials on obverse) FS. Friendly Status. FS. Sulphur Trioxide in Chlorosulfonic Acid B = Burns: A burn is the most common shock-related injury. Burns from electricity are caused by electrical, arc flash, or thermal contact. E = Electrocution: Electrocution is fatal; it means to.

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Fire Alarm Systems. This is a short guide to some of the terms and abbreviations used with fire alarm systems.. Addressable - Addressable Fire Alarm Systems can have a text location assigned to a component on the system which pinpoints exactly where that device is located. This is often achieved by numbering the device and assigning a text location to that device using a laptop with the. fire alarm abbreviations: ada americans with disabilities act adaag americans with disabilities act guidelines aff above finished floor afg above finished grade alm alarm ahj authority having jurisdiction ap access panel ar addressable relay awg american wire gauge bps booster power supply cd candel Easement Abbreviations A: * * ABN. Abandonment ACC.E. Access easement * * A/CH Affidavit of change * * A/CR Affidavit of correction AGR. Agreement AN.E. Anchor easement AS.E. Assignment easement AV. E. Avigation easement B: Botanical walk BFR.E. Buffer easement BLDR. O.E. Boulder outcrop easement BLDR. S.L. Boulder setback line BLDR. E. Boulder. When using all types of fire extinguishers, keep the acronym PASS in mind. P stands for pull the pin. A stands for aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire. S stands for squeeze the lever slowly. S stands for sweep the nozzle from side-to-side, while moving toward the fire This article is an acronym guide. Not all the entries are technically acronyms, some are abbreviations. Not all acronyms are agreed upon by the player community. 1 Acromyms 1.1 Chat 1.2 Forums 1.3 Battlegrounds 1.4 Miscellaneous 1.5 Zones 1.5.1 Kalimdor 1.5.2 Eastern Kingdoms 1.5.3 Outland 1.5.4..

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Medical Terminology Abbreviations. Medical abbreviations and EMT acronyms are needed to make charting faster and more efficient in the field. They also provide an accurate and precise way to communicate with other healthcare providers about the patient. Many EMT acronyms are universal, but often they vary by region and department Businesses that deal with hazardous substances (such as Ethylene Oxide, Methylenedianiline, or Butadiene), or that are subject to the provisions of the Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Hazardous Waste Operations, or Grain Handling standards may also need to develop an emergency action plan in compliance with 29 CFR 1910.38(a) Health and Safety Acronyms (HSA's) As we all know, acronyms are shorter forms of words or phrases that are useful when you need to repeat the same word or phrase a number of times throughout the same piece of writing. Or maybe to make you look smarter or more important when they are printed on your name on your business card? They have become common place in the world of social media but can. Firefighter - (FF) -Basic worker. Usually 1 -3 in most companies. (Note: Firefighter is the generic term for all members of a fire department, but it is also a rank within the organization.) Driver - Also known as Engineer, Chauffeur, Fire Equipment Operator (FEO) and other terms