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itch.io is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to play itch.io has you covered Gamers itch A random itch that is caused by stress while playing a video game. This usually happens while playing a game where you can't take your hand off of the controller. I was on the final level doing some heavy button mashing then I got gamers itch on my elbow The Epic Endless. BEIING GAMER. Adventur

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Popular New & Popular Top sellers Top rated Most Recent. 1 result. Horror +. Experimental +. First-Person +. Surreal +. ( View all tags) Explore games tagged team-sun on itch.io 路 Upload your games to itch.io to have them show up here HE_gamer. coronowars. wear mask ,wash your hands every 30mins and i hope you like my game. HE_gamer. Survival. itch.io. Explore NSFW games on itch.io 路 Upload your NSFW games to itch.io to have them show up here. New itch.io is now on YouTube! Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more. View Channel. First Snow. Allison Merlo is a fresh student struggling with the day to day challenges of life. Salty Salty Studios The coolest rhythm game. WEEK 7 INFO. WEEK 7 CURRENTLY IS TIMED EXCLUSIVE TO NEWGROUNDS.COM. PLAY IT THERE

Find Rhythm games like Friday Night Funkin', Yu Jammin, FURRY NIGHT FUNKIN' RTX, FNF Ruv & Selever, FNF Whitty Test on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace Games! AND. Gamers! Balloon Buster. A clicker game.... Life: the game of chance. 25 diferent life paths, choose carefully. Tim Krief. Simulation. Play in browser. Investigator and the Case of the Unconventional Weapon. Investigator is a point and click whodunnit about an alligator who investigates cases. itch.io 路 Community profile. The self-publishing video game marketplace Itch.io is unique for its huge array of user-created video games spanning all styles and price points Twisted World. Live in a world of reversed gender roles. SnatsGames. Visual Novel

itch.io fan games opened my eyes.Today qzeq goes on a hunt on itch.io for the best free indie games. And of course finds the worst.From leaked Lego Star Wars.. HAHA ROCKET GO BRRRRRRRR. GameChanger77. itch.i

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Hey I Make Games mostly in 3d I am new to Game Developing but will improve game by game I am also a YouTuber. See you in next game till then bye 頎巾眿 . Physics-Based CAR GAME. LOVE PHYSICS AND CARS?? Creation Games. Racing. itch.io 路 Community profile. JatJ Games - itch.io. Hi, I'm JatJ Games and I like making games for fun. I'm so proud to announce I'm going to start publishing games to itch.io Two weeks ago, shortly before the beginning of the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, Epic added the Itch.io app to its store. As we noted at the time, it was a head-scratcher: Itch.io is a.. Idrasidan Games. Idrasidan Games. A brand new INDIE DEV TEAM comprised of D&D PARTY MEMBERS . Click sprite for info! Lift Skigpaste RTRTIST refulgent crisis Ckaz and Supriya. RECREWT - GMTK 2021. Visual Novel. itch.io 路 Community profile.

Cubyte Games. Cubyte Games www.cubytegames.com @CubyteGames. Solo game developer. Night Guard. Night Guard is a short horror game with retro style, based on the 80s. Cubyte Games. Survival. Caution: Zombies Ahead (PROTOTYPE) Cubyte Games. Adventure. itch.io 路 Community profile. Victris Games. Victris Games @victrisgames. Extension: Explosion Force. Simulate an explosion with physics forces on target objects. Victris Games. Play in browser. Extension: Rectangular Flood Fill. Create objects that cover the rectangular area of target objects. itch.io 路 Community profile.


  1. Bitlandia is a retro-style 16-bit platformer with lots of inspiration taken from games from the 80s-90s. Run through 9 different unique levels with different obstacles and enemies. Help Brad use his trusty blaster to shoot and defeat all the enemies in his path and get to Blood's castle to defeat him and take back Bitlandia
  2. Itch.io. Itch.io. The itch.io app, itch, lets you effortlessly download and run games and software from itch.io. All of your downloads are kept in a single place and are automatically updated. Access your collections and purchases, or browse for new games via the in-app browser. Developer
  3. Itch.io also actively fosters creativity. The store has fostered an entire community of developers and fans, and it serves as a frequent home for Game Jams 鈥 a type of contest where people.
  4. Following the addition of Spotify to the Epic Games Store, five more non-game apps have been added to Epic's shelves鈥攊ncluding rival games store Itch.io.The bundle of new software packages adds.

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Games @ UCSC. games.ucsc.edu @ArtsGamesPlay. Welcome to the official Games @ UCSC itch.io! We collect games created by students of the University of California, Santa Cruz Play my word-making game for free! X1 Games. Puzzle. The Dystopian Escape. $5.12. A 16 bit, 4X strategy game, where you are the only unit. X1 Games. Strategy. Security Breach. Protect the city, before anarchy insues. X1 Games. Strategy. itch.io 路 Community profile.

Hello I'm Harmonie, I make games differents. I develop games for more than 5 years. My games are focus on non violants game mechanics. Most of my games are free and done during game jams. Some of them are prototypes, not finish and with bugs, sorry for the inconveniences. I hope you'll like it. My Game GAMES Student Projects . This is a collection of student projects from the Games Department Courses of SAE Athens. Feel free to follow and support the creators The free demo features fast paced action with some exploration and takes about 20min to complete. My other game is full-length game/mod for minecraft 1.7.10. This game is fully completed (20+ hrs of gameplay!) and a lot of fun for anyone who is eagerly awaiting Metroid Prime 4

Follow minus monster (hamster gamer O) minus monster (hamster gamer O) minus monster (hamster gamer O) Almost before we knew it, he had left the ground. Friday Night Funkin vs T-pose boi the full ass mod. mod by myself--surpreme gamer. minus monster (hamster gamer O) itch.io 路 Community profile. Micromanagement tower defense game. Wysteria Games. Strategy. GIF. Farmit. $2. A Tranquil Puzzle Farm Game. Wysteria Games. Puzzle. GIF. Soul Crisis. Submission for Bullet Hell Jam 2021. Wysteria Games. Shooter. Ocean Skies. An Atmospheric Rhythm-Based Dogfight Bullet Hell. itch.io 路 Community profile.

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Cats and Coins. A retro-styled platform game in which you have to collect all coins to unlock the exit. You can make your own levels! Siegfried Croes. Platformer shooting game. its a running 頎柬績 +shooting enemies. afri-games. Shooter. Play in browser AJS Games. Survival. Play in browser. itch.io 路 Community profile. queergamesbundle - itch.io. The Queer Games Bundle is an initiative to collaboratively support as many queer indie/micro/art devs and makers as possible. 2021 BUNDLE < 3 < 3. To enter, join our game jam (March 3 - May 3) and fill out the entry form . When . The bundle will run June 1 - June 31, 2021, during Pride Month, through itch.io. Who

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GingerSun Games - itch.io. We are GingerSun Games because created an exclusive indie game with our purpose is to bring more exciting stories to this world with games. We love games that have amazing characters and memorable gameplay. As an indie publisher we work with our partners to bring our games to market seamlessly on various platforms War is a Losing Game: '62 - DEMO. The First World War was dubbed the war to end all wars. This time, they were right. Cheddar Games. Puzzle. War is a Losing Game. Nuclear Warfare is a losing game. Cheddar Games. Adventure. Play in browser. itch.io 路 Community profile.

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Long Games is a small games company founded in 2020 by William Long.. William Long is a film editor and writer from Hertford, UK. He has edited two feature films: Fanged Up (2018) and United Nation (2020), and has published an article on film post-production in The Digital Video Book (2018, Future plc). He is also the author of Hymns Of Note.. To see some of his other work please visit www. Hello and welcome to the Brooklet Games on itch!My name is Jim Hall and I'm a writer, illustrator, dungeon master, and creator of TTRPG content. I have been creating homebrew content for my players for years and want to share that content with you All games are available for free, so support here is entirely voluntary, I won't install any paywalls or locks on my games. But I do ask that if you enjoy my games, and are able to contribute, please consider purchasing a copy. Your support goes a long way in motivation for future projects. Thanks, and enjoy the games The Airline Romance (Yaoi / Gay Romance Visual Novel) M/M Romance about two pilots, their awesome crew, and world travel. Hasalynx Games. Visual Novel Hi I'm BenBonk, an indie game developer who loves to make, and use simple color palette pixel art in my games. I have been making games on and off for about three years now. I also run a YouTube channel documenting my progress as a game developer. itch.io 路 Community profile.

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Star Garden Games. Star Garden Games stargardengames.com @StarGardenGames. factori. $5.10-15%. starting with just the letter i, bend, merge, rotate, and reflect to create entire words. Star Garden Games. Puzzle. Sixit. itch.io 路 Community profile. Jay's games give people space in the middle to find out who they are and what truly matters to them. 鈥 Meguey Baker , Night Sky Games Jay Dragon is an upcoming designer whose caring perspective and unique experiences have led them to designing games that are immersive and flavorful, and that take underexplored mechanics and bring them to.

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Veritas is a game of mystery and discovery from Glitch Games, creators of the Forever Lost trilogy, that poses the question; what is truth, and does it even matter?. Having volunteered to take part in a study conducted by Veritas Industries, you now find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before A Cowboy themed platformer game, where you are connected to your bullets. TRIALITY GAMES. Action. TEAM T.G.A. A stealth game where you play as the whole team at once. TRIALITY GAMES. Puzzle

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If you'd like to make the game easier or harder, try resizing the window and hit refresh. More emojis, more difficult. Made by Games For Crows with royalty free music from Bensound. Join our discord server to chat about Feels, life, and all kinds of other games As from June 24th, this game has started development. As my previous game felt rushed, I want to take my time with this game. P . S. Shadow-Arc Games. itch.io 路 Community profile. Spacegulls is a short platformer for the NES. It is best described as a combination of Joust and Mega Man. 1-2 players. Now available as a ROM file. The first version of Spacegulls was made in 1 week and won 1st place in the NESdev Compo 2020/21. For the itch.io release, we decided to work some more on it (fixed bugs, new music, slightly more.

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  1. Orchestrate by Games For Crows. Conduct the workers of a small medieval town in this sound based resource management game. Create a healthy, working town to find the balance you need to luxuriate for eternity
  2. 1oogames. 1oogames @1oo_games. 1oogames is a lovery game developer! Also it is a personal game devlopment studio of doc1oo. The focus is on making retro-style pixel-art games (but it's not the only thing I can do). Basically, I keep making games by myself
  3. Beat Banger is a simple NSFW rhythm game created using the Godot Engine.. This is BunFan Games' first ever released project. More Info. If you'd like to request a feature, find a bug, or want to get more info on this project please head over to the Github. If you'd like to learn about modding YOUR OWN CHARCTERS into the game or want to check out the BunFan Games community, join our Discord Serve
  4. o hacia la verdad. Chewy Games. Interactive Fiction. itch.io 路 Community profile.
  5. Necrobomb by Blackthornprod Games. Necrobomb. Made for the Wowie Game Jam 3 by Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod). Move with controller joystick, arrows keys or wasd. Dash and jump with space or A on a controller
  6. THIS GAMES GREAT its one of the best games iv played on itchio and definitely the scariest horror game I have played on itchio. really great little haunted house experience that genuinely scared me a couple times witch never happens. the graphics where top tier and the movement was flued as hell. the game doesn't even have glitches (from what i can tell) honestly i think this is a 10/10 its.

H RPGMaker game with monster girls. Yeehaw Games. Role Playing. League of Corruption. Adult LoL parody with humor. Yeehaw Games. Role Playing. itch.io 路 Community profile. Cube League - 袠谐褉邪 锌褉芯 袦邪泄薪泻褉邪褎褌械褉芯胁. CubeLeague Game. Tykanoid Games. Action. Play in browser A quick game with Dancing Ponies animated by Darkadibuja. Cherry Blossom Games. Dragon Sleuth Brittany. Experience an erotic adventure with Brittany, a female dragon trying to find stolen dragon eggs and having fun all day! Adventure. itch.io 路 Community profile. A stealth 3D ENF(Embarrassed Nude Female) Game. You have to streak without being seen. Brazen Games. Adventure. itch.io.

Raybae Games is creating adult visual novels using Ren'py engine and HoneySelect 2. Maids and Maidens. Story-rich adult visual novel for Windows, Linux, Android & MacOS. Raybae Games. Visual Novel. itch.io 路 Community profile. I really like this, thanks for sharing! The art style is distinct and really works with the concept. As you've asked for some feedback, some things I am noticing after playing for a while - the economy is unpredictable and takes some figuring out - ie the cultures don't seem to make much sense with the products they make, ie. the jazzy music didn't make much sense for the demand and production

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Hello! This is the Itch.io account for GB Patch Games; a small company that produces Visual Novels and Simulation Games. GB Patch was founded back in the summer of 2014 and started posting content a year later in the summer of 2015. Our goal is to make diverse, entertaining games with memorable stories and characters Merchant's Game. A sale hosted by CAN UNIVERSE. Buy for 80% off! Ends July 31st 2021. Buy for $0.99. Offer ends in Follow Brad-Games; Brad-Games. Brad-Games. Independent Game Developer. YouTube Channel for Game Trailers. Bitlandia. A side-scrolling 16-bit platformer inspired by Super Mario World and various other retro games. Brad-Games. Platformer. itch.io 路 Community profile. Toadhouse Games is an indie visual novel game studio, creating games that destigmatize mental illness and cover themes associated with self care and living authentically.We believe it is important for everyone to learn how to take care of themselves, be kind to themselves and others, and do what brings them joy Here is the link for the search results: https://itch.io/search?q=minecraf

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N7T-GAMES - itch.io. 鈿 Hi we are N7T-GAMES, we loves to make games! Right now we are only focus on developing Attack on Toys that is based and inspired from our childhood experience. 鈿 Fun fact that the game is actually made for our school project, but we want to continue working on it because it's still a fun Game and we want to make a. Gamer's DeepState Issue #1: Joe Biden and the Illuminati Jizzle Maggizzle5鈧. Will you escape the White House from the grip of Joe Biden? JMAA GAMES. Adventure Northend Games. Northend Games @Northend_Games. Northend Open Tower Defense Battle. A fast paced tower defense game inspired by world war 2 theme. Northend Games. Strategy. itch.io 路 Community profile. A light-hearted turn-based JRPG, inspired by classics. Battle through waves of enemies and save the world! Matt Kupo Roszak. Role Playing. Epic Battle Fantasy 5. $20. A turn-based JRPG, full of silly dialogue, anime fanservice, strategic combat, and monster catching! Matt Kupo Roszak. Role Playing pastrygames. Play in browser. This Halloween? We're Exploring the Haunted Brothel! Join boyfriends Varahn and Jasper as they explore a kinky cathouse filled with ghosts! pastrygames. Adventure

Hi! Young Games is an Indie Game Studio and we make Horror and Simulator Games. Crane Simulator. $1.99. In bundle. Young Games. Simulation. Forklift Simulator. $2.99. In bundle. Young Games. Simulation. Ship Simulator. $14.99. itch.io 路 Community profile. Indie game developers on Itch are once again offering up their games in a massive bundle benefitting humanitarian aid. The Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid is offering up over 1,000 games for $5, with all profit benefitting the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The bundle has so far raised $45,000 of its $500,000 goal for the week it will be available Support This Game. WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLD. a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles. This silly game was created by me, Nicky Case, in two months! Here's my wobsite, my tweeter, and if you'd like to. buy me a pumpkin spice latte, my patreon. Thank you so much for playing! <3. - - - - - Emotion Games @emotiongames1. An indie game development studio based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our first public prototype game: Dodge Test 頎卷淳 by Emotion Games (itch.io) Cobaia: SOON! Github: @emotiongames. Youtube: Emotion Games The 5yth game of Pizza Golf! Old april fools joke for 2020. Applemunch Games. Pizza Golf 2 Remade. PG2R: Still dead, but being refined! Applemunch Games. Applemunch's Pizza Tower Mod Pak. Applemunch's collection of mods he made for Pizza Tower! itch.io 路 Community profile.

Idrelle Games. Idrelle Games idrellegames.tumblr.co... @idrellegames. I'm a playwright, theatre artist and streamer. I love fantasy, especially fantasy RPGs, and I am committed to creating an immersive, character-driven experiences within the genre. itch.io 路 Community profile. Galen Games - itch.io. We're Galen Games, a small female-owned studio based out of the UK, making historical and fantasy visual novels. Follow us on twitter to get our latest game updates! Deliver Us From Evil out now I have started game programming in the summer of 2019. I'm currently using Unity but I have also tried Godot Game Engine too. I hope you enjoy my games! :) If you want to see more from me here is my instagram